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FREE DOWNLOAD Wolfhunter River 107 Ing isn’t an option Not when her only mission is to create a normal life for her kidsBut now a threatened woman has reached out Marlene Crockett from the remote town of Wolfhunter is panicked for herself and her daughter When Gwen arrives in the small isolated rural community Marlene is already dead her own daughter blamed. Four disturbing gory edgy but really well deserved starsGwen Proctor will always be one of my favorite heroines transforms herself from naive shy woman into a lion survivor fighter a real protector does whatever takes to keep her children safe Her serial killer husband might be killed by her but there are still people out there for bloody vengeance including Marleen who is obsessed with her dedicated to avenge resistant to believe in Gwen s innocence The threats from hillbillies and loyal followers of her husbandher children s adaptation problems to their nightmarish lives and her unresolved problems with Sam suffocate her As soon as she got a cry for help phone call she finds herself being dragged along Wolfhunter River to fight against a deadly cult Two different stories combined meticulously It s still disturbing riveting and frightening But there has less action on this book if I compare it with previous two books and there are too many repeats about Melvin s past The revelation about Sam was shocking and made me sad for his wounded relationship with Gwen But I think Rachel Caine wants to write series and she wanted to give a purpose a new profession to Gwen with the end the book So she wrote this one as preuel to begin with new series which will be a crime thriller As we can guess the cases take place different areas will be solved by Ms Proctor I don t know if I want to continue reading books of the series Because I think it should have ended with Melvin s dead Well as a summary I enjoyed this one But do I want Nope I pass

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FREE DOWNLOAD Wolfhunter River 107 For the murder Except that’s not the person Marlene feared at all And Gwen isn’t leaving until she finds out who that wasBut it may already be too late A trap has been set And it’s poised to snap shut on everyone Gwen loves Her stalkers are closing in And in a town as dark as Wolfhunter it’s so easy for them to hide. My reviews can also be seen at StarsIf you plan on reading the first two books in the Stillhouse Lake series you might want to hold off on reading this reviewI will tell you that this is a series that I highly recommend I have been looking forward to reading this since finishing Killman Creek the previous book in the seriesThe book starts with the shocking kidnapping of a six year old girl I was pulled right inThe story then turns to Gwen Proctor Gwen is staring into the dark eye of a TV camera The camera reminds her of very bad things It reminds her of her ex husband serial killer Melvin Royal I see my ex and his horrible smile I see blood The newspapers are still reporting what happened months earlier Shootout in murder house The newspaper always mentions that Gwen was once arrested as Melvin Royal s accomplice but they almost never remember to say that she was acuitted She has decided she wants to set the record straight She chose The Howie Hamlin Show because Howie appeared to have a good reputationUnfortunately the interview does NOT go as planned It s like an interrogation Then Howie asks Gwen if she knows about the documentaryWhat documentaryWhen he introduces his next guest things go from bad to worseAll Gwen wants is for her family to be happy and safe But the normal life she craves seems so far out of reach Then there s Sam There s so much they need to talk aboutWhen the landline rings one night Gwen is hesitant to pick it up Most of the calls she gets are people making threats and yelling abuse But she also gets calls from people asking for advice or help Please I m begging you Please answer me I don t know where else I m supposed to turn Gwen listens as the woman leaves a message Just as the woman is about to hang up Gwen picks up The woman Marlene Crockett is from a small town called Wolfhunter She sounds terrified but she s vague when answering Gwen s uestions When Marlene suddenly hangs up Gwen wonders if she was trying to lure her to WolfhunterGwen tries to put the call out of her mind But a few days later the phone rings again What Gwen hears shocks her Soon she s heading for Wolfhunter She wants to help You can t take on trouble in a strange town You don t know the players or the people And you ve got no stake in this thing Will Gwen be able to help and keep herself and her family safeI really enjoyed this book It has a great plot with a lot of excellent characters old and new uite a few of the characters from books one and two make an appearanceThe majority of the storyline is told from Gwen s point of view but there are also a few chapters from other characters I thought that the multiple storylines were interesting Some very intense moments had me holding my breathI think the book could be read as a standalone However a lot happened in books one and two so readers might enjoy it if they read the entire seriesThis was another great chapter in the Stillhouse Lake series I can t wait to read I d like to thank Thomas Mercer and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this novel All opinions are my own

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FREE DOWNLOAD Wolfhunter River 107 A Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestsellerShe can’t ignore a cry for help But in this remote hunting town it’s open seasonGwen Proctor escaped her serial killer husband and saved her family What she can’t seem to outrun is his notoriety Or the sick internet vigilantes still seeking to avenge his crimes For Gwen hid. 2 stars Wolfhunter River is my least favourite book in this series so far It s obvious why too I still enjoy the author s style I still enjoy the exploration of internet stalking and the court of public opinion but this book is so obviously a bridging the gap bookIf you ve read Killman Creek then you know the significance of that book s conclusion and how it essentially wrapped up the central story line of the first two books With strong characters and a good fanbase of course the author doesn t want to stop there But now we need a new story to grow out of that We need a reason for Gwen Proctor badass mother of two to go from being on the run to solving her own crimes Which was always the natural direction for this series to go inIn order to do that we have this book This book is unfortunately the filler between two plot points It clings unnecessarily to old plot lines that should have been put to rest It introduces some new mysteries that serve only to get Gwen where she needs to be Virtually nothing happens for the first hundred pages approx 13 of the book and little progression is made even in the second hundred pages It isn t until the last third of the book that the story gets itself in gear None of this is helped by the fact that I don t find Sam very interesting so his subplot here left me unmovedIt s not bad as such it s just not as strong as the previous books I suspect goodness is to follow in the fourth book now that we ve got where we need to be I still ended up uite enjoying parts of this one because of the aforementioned exploration of internet stalking and the court of public opinion These feature heavily in the series and the author looks at how terrifying it is that we no longer need a court trial and prison The court of public opinion can punish someone and ruin their life just as effectively truth be damned It also explores some interesting and socially relevant concepts like privacy in the Internet age Sharing of information plays a huge part in the plot as well as other techie aspects like manipulating imagesvideo These conversations keep the slower parts intriguingA weak point in the series but I still have high hopes for the next installment Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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