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Summary æ White Dove 105 Ounded Confederate soldier who gets his dying wish to return to his burned plantation both find an unexpected life adventure with the to be notorious Madam Mollie Teal Against all odds this group of companions find many twists and turns in this romantic tale of love affairs fraught with danger and compromised by the epic and grim events of the Civil War and its destructive realities that can turn love into hate and romance into revenge White Dove is a heart warming historical fiction novel that’s sure to entertain and touch your hear.

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Summary æ White Dove 105 In an adventurous whimsical romance novel comes the preuel to The Doughnut Tree Catherine L Knowles has written White Dove an epic story of love betrayal hate and survival set against the tumultuous background of the Civil War and General Sherman’s “Scorch the Earth” campaign At the center of the tale is a former bordello business manager Mollie “Sissy” Greenleaf a “spitfire” loud out spoken woman Sissy finds herself in the middle of a heated courtroom battle to defend the honor of her deceased best friend and confidant M.

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Summary æ White Dove 105 Ollie Teal and her estate Forced into the life of prostitution at a very young age Mollie Teal grows up in the midst of the Civil War and uickly learns that the Union soldiers aren’t always the good guys Enter Union Brigadier General John Basil Turchin a battle harden former Russian who becomes infatuated with the beautiful young Mollie Teal aka White Dove and fights to capture her love at all costs Mollie's friends Herman Deeley a young former black slave and her guardian angel and confident sworn to protect Mollie and CC Taylor a w.

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