Stuart Wilde [ Ebook ] The Quickening

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  • The Quickening
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  • 13 May 2019
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The Quickening

Review The Quickening Stuart Wilde ¹ 8 Read & download The uickening Characters ´ 8 G and getting stronger It is only through the power of these individuals that the spirituality of the world will survive the hurricanes of change There is little time Stuart Wil. One of Wilde s best Read this back in the day and loved it I was wondering if it stood the test of time and it really has Worth your time if Stuart s brand of metaphysics is your thing

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Review The Quickening Stuart Wilde ¹ 8 Read & download The uickening Characters ´ 8 The uickening is the fourth in a series of books on self empowerment by Stuart Wilde The uickening discusses the power of the ancient Warrior Sages and it teaches you etheric Li. I ll admit it I love Stuie Wilde s work because he makes me laugh and he s a bit irreverent in his approach at times This book is pretty good but definitely oriented toward individuals who have been the spiritual path for a while It s definitely not a book for someone just beginning to explore spirituality My favorite chapter in the book is Chapter 11 Spiritual Concepts You ll Probably Never Need because it s incredibly funny and biting at the same time Be forewarned however it s not the type of chapter for anyone who is strongly committed to religious dogma Here is one of my favorite passages in the book When you look at the philosophies which have been adopted by the masses you can see that they are deliberately designed to keep the people asleep The philosophies serve as glue to hold the tribes together in a psychic bonding In fact the word religion comes from the Latin word religare which means to bind The overall function of these philosophies is to assist those of like mind to process emotion and fear in what are basically the difficult circumstances of their lives The psychic bonding makes it almost impossible for a person to develop a true individuality for the most important part of him his spiritual alignment is regimented and structured and often laced with regulations covering every aspect of his behavior This forces him to either follow along like a good sheep or to infringe on those laws suffering as he will all the inherent recriminations and guilt Heads you lose tails you can t win

Review The Quickening

Review The Quickening Stuart Wilde ¹ 8 Read & download The uickening Characters ´ 8 Fe Force and psychological techniues for consolidating your energy The world of the common man is about to unravel like never before I seek the attention of those that are stron. Ok I did not finish this book Stuart Wilde is normally pretty weird with his writing but there is usually a lot of good with the weirdness I ve read some of his other books affirmations Silent Power and Weightloss for the mind and gained a lot from them even though there was a lot of weird that I did not connect with but this one I sped through most of this book hoping to get to some good bits but I did not get any he talks about things like being able to stop a dog barking with your mind and out of body experiences If you are into that sort of thing power to you he has exercises that you can try in this book I never cared to try any of his exercises so I can t comment on their effectiveness