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Read & Download uerelle de Brest Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Uerelle of Brest was first published anonymously in 1947 and limited to 460 numbered copies It is set in the midst of the port town of Bre. The world of Genet reverberates with blood and poetry violence and vituperation are transmogrified into poetry a punch into a flower whose petals scatter via the wind of Genet s prose like the blood of the toughs and thugs who populate Genet s novels Genet s remarkable alchemy in which the story of a serial killer becomes a kind of paean to murder and uerelle a high poet of murder resembles the alchemy which uerelle himself undertakes of friends who he betrays but transforms into the gold necklaces braces and watches which will be his reward for his betrayals The luscious gold of Genet s prose a kind of perverse combination of Flaubert and Baudelaire is truly original and his descriptive powers are extraordinary For several seconds of the eyes of the murderer marveled at the astounding stillness of the forest where the vault of hanging creepers gilded by a mysterious sun in a dim yet sparkling air filtered through from immense far distant blue skies and where the depths were illuminated by the infinitely variables lights and shades of all walking dreams Genet s imagination is a rough ghoulish nightmare dominated by men muscular and yet strangely feminine Genet s dangerous yet decorous heroes intoxicate the reader with their bawdy and bellicose behavior his descriptions of the sexual relations and intercourse between men would seem banal in any other novel but here they somehow become beautiful kind of like if a romance novelist took a heady dose of crack and dealt exclusively in the world of homosexual sailors and police officers there is something intensely innocent in the sexual relations between the male characters as they approach each other with the attitude of a young virgin From the bizarre diary of Lieutenant Seblon to the violent longings of uerelle love and desire are intertwined with violence pain and a desire to be dominated Fassbinder s film version of uerelle brings out the artificial and surreal nature of the romantic relationships in uerelle brilliantly The world of Genet is not one for the light heard but for those who feel art is the path by which we are able to explore the infinite experiences and viewpoints which life has to offer us uiescent and uerulous the narrator s voice is constantly shifting and changing echoing the violent yet beautiful world of Brest If ever Brest seems less austere it is when is a feeble sun gilds the waterfront where the facades are as noble and grand as those in Venice or again when its narrow streets are thronged with a tumult of carefree matelots or finally under fog and rain

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Read & Download uerelle de Brest Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ho manipulates and kills his lovers for thrills and profit The novel formed the basis for Rainer Werner Fassbinder's last film uerelle 198. I was reading this book on the train and the lady seated next to me suddenly glared at me in indignant self righteousness and hissed that s DISGUSTING

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Read & Download uerelle de Brest Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook St where sailors and the sea are associated with murder Its protagonist Georges uerelle is a bisexual thief prostitute and serial killer w. I read uerelle after finishing Secret Historian The Life and Times of Samuel Steward a must read in which Steward tries for years to get his translation of it published in English to no avail Genet s book originally appeared in French in the 40 s and Steward was simply too far ahead of his time in thinking that the subject matter would be accepted in the US Steward and several of his literary companions shared a reverence for Genet and uerelle in particularone going so far as to travel to Brest to hunt down every nook and cranny mentioned in the book that was still standing and accessible Needless to say I couldn t wait to finish Steward s bio and get my hands on a copy of it That anticipation and the build up to it is in large part responsible for my reaction to the book and this review In no uncertain terms I can say that the writing is beautiful almost hypnotically poetic Add to that a delicious cast of characters murderers thieves whores sex addicts liars convicts and voyeurs Add also an appropriately dangerous setting the sinister underbelly of a seedy French port town with all its hiding places abandoned prisons whore houses dark alleys bleak ramparts and deserted dockyards Yes The perfect storm I thought as I dove in and began turning pages I could just see Jean Paul Belmondo with the collar of his pea coat turned up lurking in the shadows Unfortunately as I went along I became increasingly aware that I was grasping for something in the book that wasn t altogether there I couldn t get a hold of a through line that compelled me to keep going yet I did Was it because of Genet s tendency to ramble off on philosophical tangents that constantly interrupted the story line Was it the result of a poor translation My over eagerness to get into it Whatever it was I was left with an ambivalence a disappointment that there wasn t to wrest from the experience Finally as with many things in life I m sorry to say that my disappointment in it was almost as great as my anticipation of it and will uote the same sentence that another reviewer below uoted from page 255 This book goes on for too many pages and it bores us probably not unlike this interminable review you re thinking