[modern classics Books] Ebook Tug of Love AUTHOR Allie Spencer

  • Paperback
  • 320
  • Tug of Love
  • Allie Spencer
  • English
  • 20 April 2017
  • 9780755352937

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READ Ñ Tug of Love Allie Spencer ´ 1 READ CHARACTERS Æ YESHLER.RU ´ Allie Spencer Fetime it seems there really is no justice in the world And the re appearance of sexy ex Jonathan is the last thing she needs Is Lucy about to be found guilty of making the biggest mistake of her life. I was not really interested in either the characters or the storyline in this novel It was a bit of a struggle to finish it


Tug of Love

READ Ñ Tug of Love Allie Spencer ´ 1 READ CHARACTERS Æ YESHLER.RU ´ Allie Spencer Hugo Spade doesn't help matters Then Mark comes along ticking all the boxes and Lucy can't believe her luck But when Lucy has to choose between the man of her dreams and the career opportunity of a li. I really enjoyed this book I like little black dress books they are like a tin of Ronseal you know exactly what you are going to get This book was funny and entertaining without being crap And yes I had figured out what was going to happen three chapters in but I didn t care because it was the best kind of holiday fluff

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READ Ñ Tug of Love Allie Spencer ´ 1 READ CHARACTERS Æ YESHLER.RU ´ Allie Spencer Love lust and litigation a riveting romance so addictive it should be illegal Unsurprisingly divorce barrister Lucy Stone is a bit of a cynic when it comes to love And working with egotistical weasel. As a divorce barrister Lucy Stephens has seen her fair share of break ups and is rather cynical about love since her ex Jonathan did the dirty on her Until one night at a party she meets Mark and they hit it off straight away Trouble is Lucy is just about to get the case of her life and has to choose between the case and Mark It also looks as though Jonathan the ex is back What will Lucy choose the man of her dreams or the chance to work on the case of a lifetimeI m a huge fan of the Little Black Dress imprint and jump at the chance to pick up new titles in the range so when Tug of Love by Allie Spencer arrived in the mail I couldn t wait to read it It sounded fantastic and the blurb on the back tell us that Allie won the 2009 RNA s Romantic Novelists Association New Writers Award which is uite the accolade in chick litwomen s fiction since every romance author worth their salt is part of the RNAThe book starts really well with Lucy imagining a dream scene in which she s being interviewed for Marie Claire and I was immediately drawn into the book In only takes a few chapters for Mark to be introduced into the book and I loved how uickly Lucy and Mark s romance began It was like a whirlwind of a romance and I was surprised to see Mark introduced so uickly Of course the early introduction of Mark lent itself to a lot of troubles to arise and arise they did particularly when Lucy is given the chance to work on the case of a lifetime a high profile divorce There were some very clever plot twists throughout the book and I truly didn t know how it was going to endThe characters were all incredibly well rounded and I loved Lucy She wasn t dumb or clumsy and was actually incredibly clever Being a barrister you d kind of expect that though The whole book is told in the first person which gives us a great insight into what Lucy s thinking at any given moment particularly when all the craziness begins I liked Mark right from the off He and Lucy just got on so well and I really wanted it to work The plot twists drove me insane and I hated it when Lucy got the ultimatum her job or her man Mark was present throughout and I did really like him There were plenty of other characters in the book including Hez Lucy s best friend whom I loved she seemed like such a nice friend and I was so shocked when I found out what she d done to Lucy a few years ago There were also all of the other working with Lucy on the divorce case Guy her boss and ultimatum giver who seemed OK but turned out to not be so innocent himelf Hugo the man vying for the tenancy who seemed like a slimeball at first but turned out to be not as bad as I first thought The book really was uite full of characters not all of them were important to the story and a few of the others I liked were Jo and Dave Lucy s friends they re rarely in the book but I liked them nevertheless One character I have yet to mention is Jonathan Lucy s ex I never liked him and I didn t think he had changed at allThere s a lot of law type stuff throughout the book but I found it all easy to follow and uite enjoyable to read about Spencer must have really done her research on the subject as it really is the focal point to the book The plot was very uniue using law as a backdrop and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the scenes when the characters were all talking law There was also a sub plot running throughout the book in which someone within the law firm where Hez works and the barristers where Lucy works is leaking confidential documents to the press about the high profile divorce case I thought I had one of the characters pegged for the leaks but I was proved wrong as is usually the caseTug of Love is a very enjoyable read and Allie Spencer is a very talented writer The book was very absorbing and I found it very difficult to put down My only fault with the book was the fact the main character was called Lucy There are so many Lucy s in chick lit books it s unreal and they all seem to be morphing together to form one big massive Lucy Bar that though it s an outstanding read and Spencer is a fab writer I can t wait for her next book