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  • Trading Teams: A Jock Nerd Romance
  • Romeo Alexander, John Harris
  • English
  • 22 November 2019
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READ & DOWNLOAD Trading Teams: A Jock Nerd Romance REVIEW Þ YESHLER.RU Ö Romeo Alexander, John Harris Romeo Alexander, John Harris Ö 1 DOWNLOAD Mself to anything but sports For Kyle college was only a formality He didnt need the degree and he barely attended his classes and still passed with flying colors Instead of sitting in class hed rather be chasing his true passiondesigning and programming an original MMORPG game Kyle doesnt need a social life and he definitely doesnt need a boyfriend especially because that would reuire stepping out of the closet something he has no intention of doing any time soon The only problem Hes been assigned to tutor a handsome jock who would. This was an amazing book I had a hankering for a sports book and this satisfied me very much Romeo Alexander is one of my favourite authors and I was not disappointed This is such a beautiful book with a hard journey to be taken but so worth it I hope the end One day at a timeThis is absolutely a must read book it will grab you and hold you all the way till the end Grab is asap you will not regret it

READ & DOWNLOAD Trading Teams: A Jock Nerd RomanceTrading Teams: A Jock Nerd Romance

READ & DOWNLOAD Trading Teams: A Jock Nerd Romance REVIEW Þ YESHLER.RU Ö Romeo Alexander, John Harris Romeo Alexander, John Harris Ö 1 DOWNLOAD Jake thought he had life all figured out He had the perfect girlfriend a starting position on the Varsity baseball team and a raging social life He was living the dream That is until he discovers that hes in danger of losing his scholarship The ultimatum Get a tutor; or get out Jake has no choice but to buckle down and put his head in his books No sweat right The only problem is that the only person available to tutor him is a uiet nerd who would rather be alone than spend any time with a headstrong jock who isnt used to applying hi. This had a promising premise but got lost when it came to the delivery It was written in 3rd person but in a way that I found was distant disjointed and somehow odd There were also some instances at the start where it switched from past tense to present tense and then back again adding to the odd and disjointed flowThe story alternated POVs between Kyle and Jack but not always turn about With no chapter labels it was sometimes a few pages before I was able to tell whose POV I was reading from which is not a good thing given these characters were supposed to be so different yet I couldn t easily tell their inner thoughts apartI also found there was a LOT of internal dialogue and the reader being told what they did example They talked And talked And Kyle explained etc Instead of us getting to see those conversations even snippets of them and see the other character s reactions we were held at arms length and just told about itThe timeline that this book took place over was also not clear there is a mention here and there to days going past but I couldn t tell whether that was over a week or two or over months There was no reference point which then made it hard to understand some of the feelings they were claiming to have for the otherThere were also what appears to be some contradictions as to when events occurred the one that stood out the most being their first time It was clearly written as happening before Kyle s meltdown but then after they reconcile the description of that encounter reads as their first time too I did wonder if that was originally their first time and then the authors changed the storyline as other wording around that section mentions a before but the scene itself didn t have the wording changed and read as a first experience together Other items throughout made me feel this just needed a good content editorThe ending was rushed and we jumped from them reconciling and agreeing to give things a proper go then straight to the epilogue A lot of the angst throughout the book was to do with them both coming out and what their family friends and classmatesteammates would think and then that is never discussed or closed out at the end we never get a reaction to them coming outThe epilogue was set 10yrs later which you only get the reference for at the end of that chapter not the start so again time context is a bit lost at first and straight away it refers to a career ending injury for Jake that we never get details on It shows Jake and Kyle still together but still taking it a day at a time with their love despite the fact they now had a child and were living what appears to be a good life together I could possibly understand this being an in joke between them but it didn t read as that it read as them still not being certain they would have a forever which is a HFN rather than HEAI wanted to like it and I did finish it but it was just awkward and disjointed The writing style might work for others but it didn t for me and conseuently isn t one I would recommend

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READ & DOWNLOAD Trading Teams: A Jock Nerd Romance REVIEW Þ YESHLER.RU Ö Romeo Alexander, John Harris Romeo Alexander, John Harris Ö 1 DOWNLOAD Much rather be out on the field than stuck in a classroom When it comes to having life figured out Jake and Kyle will have to realize that theres to life than good grades and games Neither one of them is ready for what their newfound camaraderie will mean; but the bases are loaded and its time to step up to the plate Trading Teams is a standalone college romance featuring a nerdy gamer and a jock with his head in the clouds This steamy romance includes intimate scenes of graphic sex and is intended for mature readers only Batter up. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline The sex was described sensitively The author captured the uirkiness of Kyle and the gentle nature of Jake