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  • Hardcover
  • 208
  • The Wood of Suicides
  • Laura Elizabeth Woollett
  • English
  • 06 November 2019
  • 9781579623500

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Laura Elizabeth Woollett ↠ 7 Free download characters Æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Laura Elizabeth Woollett The Wood of Suicides characters ó eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Laurel Marks is a stunning repressed 17 year old schoolgirl She also has a weakness for older men most of all her father whom she'll do anything to impress After his sudden death Laurel is sent off to a boarding school where she shortly latches onto a new love object her English teacher Mr Hugh SteadmanFollowing an encounter in th. When your obsession turns into a nightmare for you it tears you up in the inside and that s really depressing as well as heart breaking The Wood of Suicides by Laura Elizabeth Woollett is a sad disheartening story of a 17 year old girl who must find a way to go on with her life after she figures out that the man she has fallen for doesn t love her instead uses herThank you Laura Elizabeth Woollett for sharing with me a copy of your amazing novel for an honest reviewLaurel Marks a 17 yr old teenager having obsession for older men not to mention even had a thing for her own father was sent to a boarding school by her mother after her father s death In her boarding school she soon gets obsessed with her handsome English teacher Huge Steadman who s married with kids But eventually her crush and flirtations turn into a full fledged love affair They started sneaking out in the school grounds in his home when his wife s away But Steadman got demanding of Laurel and on the other hand Laurel got withdrawn from their relationship Finally Laurel plunges into darkness ultimately fell into the laps of depression So finally she manages to free herself from her lover and Steadman ended up with nothing no wife no children but this made her torn up in the insideThe narration of the protagonist is contemplative and disturbing you can feel her pain almost immediately Laurel was actually facing some psychological issues all she needed was love but instead she was sexually used this made her depressed The author has written in such a way that almost after reading a few pages of the book we can see Laurel right through her can peek into her soul The author has kept the narration interesting not a chance of losing interest Also she has made some well developed characters for her plot with whom the readers can actually connectFinally in a nut shell if you love some teacher student fantasy then definitely go for this one

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Laura Elizabeth Woollett ↠ 7 Free download characters Æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Laura Elizabeth Woollett The Wood of Suicides characters ó eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB E woods a flirtation develops between the two marked by hopeful highs and suicidal lows on Laurel's part Their romance is eventually consummated one November afternoon in the arbor where they first met But Laurel's middle aged teacher proves to be a violent lover than she ever anticipated Like the doomed chase between Daphne and A. I won this book in a Goodreads giveawayIt s hard to talk about the book without giving away some spoilers so read on at your own risk I ll hide the major ending spoiler thoughWhere do I start I really really liked this book I finished this at midnight and stayed up for another hour just absorbing and thinking about everything that happened in the bookIt s short in pages a little under 200 but very dense in contentWhen I first started the book even though the synopsis says that she has an affair with her teacher I thought I was dealing with an unreliable narrator The story is told from the perspective of Laurel a 17 year old girl who idolizes her father to the point of being jealous of her own mother There isn t really any explanation given as to how or why her feelings for her father become so intense After he dies she is sent to a boarding school and promptly falls for her English teacher Mr SteadmanSince it is told from Laurel s perspective and she becomes so obsessive so uickly I wondered if all of the meaningful glances weren t in her head and everything was innocent on his side Turns out those glances did mean something and after his slow skillful seduction in the classroom they end up consummating their relationship in the middle of the woodsWhat follows next is the telling of how their relationship evolvesdevolves over the course of the school year This is no romantic sexy schoolgirlteacher fantasy This is a toxic corrosive and delusional relationship on both sidesThere are so many good discussion points that come out of this book like Laurel s hatred of womanhood derision of her mother and her uest to stay a schoolgirl Someday however if I were to go on living I would be forced to become a woman to take on the essential characteristics that disgusted me as much as they did him It was my misfortune to have been born into a sex that I despised a sex whose inherent physicality precluded all hopes of divinity The many contradictions of Laurel s feelings from idolization of her teacher to disgust at the physical act with him At one point she is very aware that he only wants her because she is schoolgirl but she s not able to resist this relationship that has developed I had fallen in love with his contradictions with his blend of flesh and godlinessbourgeois and bohemian brute lust and cold refinement Since he s an English teacher there are many references to literature and poetry which only added to the depth of the storyWhat made this book work for me was the writing I was a little worried in the beginning that it was going to be way over my head but once I got into it I could appreciate it The writing is beautiful The melancholy and obsessive voice of Laurel is well done I like to think that I was born in those woods in a flash of green and stream of sepia sunlight the mythic haze of that Marin County Monday Everything before that September day was simply a prelude leading up to the shock of my conception bereft kneeling as he stood like a god in my sunlight his white shirt ablaze He was fluent he was limpid he conducted himself with ease He shot me meaningful glances full of black liuid fire as he read from Don Juan seeking my face with every mention in the poem of the words heart love and desire The only thing that didn t ring true was the end view spoiler Going from hatred of women to a lesbian relationship in a matter of a couple months maybe less seemed a bit of a stretch hide spoiler

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Laura Elizabeth Woollett ↠ 7 Free download characters Æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Laura Elizabeth Woollett The Wood of Suicides characters ó eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Pollo Steadman pursues and Laurel recedesLaura Woollett charts the course of their obsession with an unswerving eye describing their unbridled desire for one another and the reckless and tortured course on which they have embarked and of Laurel's unshed grief for her father whose absence will be either her salvation or her undoing. One of the better teacher student romance novels of the last few years dreamy eerie in places and narrated by a heroine it would be all too easy for me to fall for I certainly think I could develop a crush on the heroine myself however not Literary starved and ethereal dream haunted a bit masochistic willing to lose herself in books and an Older Lover Isn t she just the type I d fancy Though I do think I d do better for her than her boarding school English teacher I mean he does teach her to sleep naked and he gives her an antiue edition of Petrarch s Il Canzoniere good choice on both things But he doesn t read it to her in the original and he keeps calling her my wood nymph Okay now just No If you give a girl an antiue book of poetry you read it to her If you can t read in the original even just for the sound then find a good translation Give her the original but read to her from a good modern translation Andreally As her Older Lover as the nominal pursuer and seducer the legend of Daphne and Apollo is not something you want to invoke You compliment her on her beautifully starved collarbones and hipbones you obviously teach her to sleep naked and avoid underwear But you don t invoke Apollo and Daphne And you don t you really just don t call her things like my wood nymph Overwrought classical allusions are wrong For dreamy literary ethereal girls you stay with a very crisp clear almost minimalist style Trace a finger over a stark collarbone or along a bare slender leg to the sharp edge of a hipbone and tell her that she s a lovely ghost girl that she s the lithe figure cutting through dark water in a rooftop pool on a summer s night That s where you go Not to Ovid Trust me on this I ve pursued enough Comp Lit co eds in my time to know these thingsNonetheless despite the failings of the male lead attempting to have your way with your young admirer in your wife s garden hothouse rather than in your book filled study Wrong on so many levels The Wood of Suicides is intriguing alluring allusive excellent heroine excellent settings Worth a look if you keep your own nostalgic shelf of teacher student romances worth a look if your tastes run to bookish ethereal haunted heroines