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The Way of Effortless Mindfulness

Loch Kelly ↠ 9 characters The Way of Effortless Mindfulness review Ö E-book, or Kindle E-pub Discover a refreshingly different form of mindfulness to access natural wisdom compassion and joy“In this groundbreaking guidebook Loch Kelly offers contemporary versions of ancient practices that can liberate our lives with meaning connection and clarity What a beautiful book” Daniel J Siegel MD author of AwareWhat if you could open into a natural flow of wisdom compassion and joy in any moment According to renowned meditation teacher Loch Kelly this possibility is closer than you think Whether you’re an experienced meditator or are new to mindfulness practice The Way of Effortless Mindfulness offers a new and effective approach to awakening a. I had read Kelly s previous book Shift Into Freedom but had not reviewed it I just gave it 4 stars and may go back and review it I devoured this follow up uickly and recommend you read it as wellKelly s effortless mindfulness differs from standard breath or noting techniues both of which engage the mind in concentration activities in that it shifts attention away from the mind altogether to locate awareness progressively further away from the mind first in the body which Kelly calls local awareness and then in one s broader surroundings which Kelly calls spacious awarenessWithout getting into metaphysical speak regarding the nature of awareness or the essential goodness of people or imagining a big C Consciousness none of which is necessary for practicing any kind of mindfulness I believe that these practices are akin to the techniues for shifting attention bodily and spatially that psychologist Les Fehmi teaches in his Open Focus books and courses A lot of the teaching material and exercises particularly chapter 6 of this book are the same as from Shift Into Freedom However this book shows a maturation of Kelly s teaching methods He explains things clearly He also incorporates some useful psychology models If you ve read Shift Into Freedom this is worth reading despite the redundant content If you haven t read Shift Into Freedom this is a fantastic way to begin a mindfulness practice

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Loch Kelly ↠ 9 characters The Way of Effortless Mindfulness review Ö E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ntemporary version of ancient methods to navigate your consciousness · Effective practices drawn from ancient wisdom contemporary neuroscience and psychotherapy· How to make the you turn from small self to no self to true Self · The Five Foundations of Effortless Mindfulness· How to learn to return and train to remain in an awake compassionate flow· How to avoid the pitfalls to embodying awakeningThis reader friendly guide is filled with innovative practices designed to give you small glimpses of your awake loving nature The Way of Effortless Mindfulness shows that awakening is not only possible but is also available in the midst of your daily li. The biggest problem with this book is that it gets too conceptual As an example lot of time is spent on Effortless Mindfulness vs Deliberate mindfulness and why one is better than the other I wish this time could be spent on how to ease out into whatever mindfulness it is It gets a little too technical and may goes too aggressively into branding things But maybe this is for people who wants to get into the cutting edge of mindfulness I am a novice and I could not really connect

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Loch Kelly ↠ 9 characters The Way of Effortless Mindfulness review Ö E-book, or Kindle E-pub Nd healingLoch teaches “effortless mindfulness” an advanced yet simple form of mindfulness that can liberate the deepest levels of suffering Effortless mindfulness immediately introduces you to your awake loving nature By making a small initial effort of “unhooking” awareness from chattering thoughts you can begin the journey home Here you will learn· How to shift out of thought and into your awake loving nature · The different approaches of effortless mindfulness and deliberate mindfulness· Uniue methods to liberate difficult mental and emotional states· Mindful glimpses micro meditations that can be done at any time with eyes open· A co. It s a wonderful concept the ability to live in a permanent and effortless state of mindfulness and the glimpses I thought would make for a great way to open that up whenever it was called upon but the book reads VERY esoterically The author layers on awareness in such a meta way it felt to me while I was reading and attempting to practice his method that there was no way to tell what layer you were actually on Am I simply aware right now Or am I actually being aware of the awareness Am I aware that the awareness that I m aware of is merely awareness or is it awareness of the awareness that I m feeling This is actually a thought process that the author assumes is totally natural for anyone reading his book I don t mind having multiple layers of awareness and I actually found myself deepening into his sublevels on occasion but he writes on so joyfully and uickly as if this were the most natural ability in the world and that one just merely had to think and it would come Had to put the book down after deeming it unhelpful to really keep me focused on the present moment Too bad