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Denise Mina ✓ 4 review characters Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Denise Mina Read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Vol 1 F Sweden's wealthiest families disappeared over forty years ago All these years later her aged uncle continues to seek the truth He hires Mikael Blomkvist a crusading journalist recently tra. Ok I ve read the millennium trilogy seen the Swedish versions of all three films including the extended cuts and the Hollywood version so I was interested to see how the graphic novel adaptation was handled Lisbeth Salander is probably one of the most intriguing heroines ever put down on paper socially inept a moody genius hard as nails and prone to the odd spot of violence when threatenedThe graphic novel relies heavily on the fact that the reader is intimately familiar with the storyline and would understand what is going on when confronted with page after page with little or no dialogue A little explanation of what is happening was reuired if you ve not already bought into the franchise and its your first experience of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo then this I m afraid is not going to pull you in and leave you desperate for On to the artwork which is where my main problem lies Looking at the cover I thought I was in for a treat with the fantastic drawing of Lisbeth smoking a cigarette but the cover had the time spent on it unfortunately the rest of the novel felt rushed and a little sloppy There is one small panel where we see Lisbeths dragon tattoo in all its splendour and it looks fantastic but overall there is no consistency and she looks to different from page to page Its almost like the artist has tried to combine the looks of Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara some of it looks really good and some really bad The same can be said of the artists rendering of Mikael Blomkvist almost as if the novel is aimed at the Hollywood versions audience with a blonde Adonis type figureThe sexual violence is a big talking point of the novel and films the rape of Lisbeth Salander by her evil guardian Nils Bjurman is handled slightly differently in the graphic novel Bjurman is a woman hating sadist who in the book makes a conscious decision to abuse someone in his care yet here he is portrayed as a guy with mental problems who thinks Lisbeth is attracted to him Can t really understand why this change in character profile from the source material was done Bjurman is an evil man who has committed an atrocious act that deserved suitable punishment and now the whole concept is changed it doesn t diminish the act but changes the perception Lisbeth has her revenge in the same fashion but this change was not done well and was another negative aspect of the adaptation There is obviously some great source material for this graphic novel and I thought it would be extremely difficult to fk this up but I was left disappointed even so because I bought volume 2 and both of them are expensive but I will read to see if they destroy it any

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Denise Mina ✓ 4 review characters Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Denise Mina Read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Vol 1 Pped by a libel conviction to investigate He is aided by the pierced and tattooed punk prodigy Lisbeth Salander Together they tap into a vein of unfathomable iniuity and astonishing corrupti. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Graphic Novel B009DNVXX8I m a big fan of the Millennium Trilogy having read the novels several times listened to the audiobook narrated by Simon Vance and own the original movies with Michael Nyvist and Noomi Rapace I have not for the record seen the American remakes I selected this graphic novel at NetGalley with a great deal of excitement fully expecting to enjoy it but well I won t say I m disappointed exactly but I m not enthralledThis installment of the series takes us from the opening with Vanger receiving the yearly flower to maybe about a third of the way through the novel where Lisbeth revenges herself on Bjurman I want to recognize upfront that adapting this much material into a 150 page graphic novel could not have been easy and I think the adaptation author did about as good a job as could be hoped forThe story and characters have been altered pretty radically though in order to convey emotion and urgency on screen through facial expressions and dialogue rather than narration Erika Berger talks candidly about sex with Mikael Blomkvist and Christer Malm s sexuality at board meetings Dragan Armanskij openly flirts with Lisbeth at work Henrik Vanger cries on receiving the yearly flower Lisbeth dances and laughs and flirts with Mimi in public and so forth Everyone feels like they re wearing their heart on their sleeve and that change doesn t really work well with the tenor of the story I thinkThe dialogue too has been changed pretty radically to support the format of the adaptation Cecilia Vanger contributes proactively to the investigation and the old friend who sets Blomkvist off after Wennerstr m in the beginning has an entirely different story to tell I think all these changes are fair enough given the needs of an adaptation but I m less enthused about some strange Americanisms creeping into the dialogue When Lisbeth confronts Bjurman for example she uotes Al Pacino from Scarface by saying say hello to my little friend Things like that ended up jarring me out of the narrative though others may feel differentlyA word on the art in this novel it s not really my cup of tea There s a lot of heavy use of shading and shadowing in panels to prevent having to draw facial details beyond a rough outline Lisbeth is rendered very well and her facial expressions are extremely vivid but Blomkvist s face and even the shape of his head seems to shift and change a little too much from panel to panel It s also worth noting that the scenes of Lisbeth s rape are extremely graphic with blood covering much of the panels this isn t a criticism so much as a caution to know what you re getting into if you purchase this volumeOn balance I m glad this graphic novel exists but it doesn t really feel like the story I know I think this will be a great introduction to the series for people who are curious about the story but weren t able to get into the densely detailed books and I consider that to be a good thing But if you are a hardcore fan of the books whether or not you like the adaptation will boil down to how you feel about the changes made in service to the new format I d give this book 35 stars but I won t be picking up the next installment for myself personallyNOTE This review is based on a free Advance Review Copy of this book provided through NetGalley Ana Mardoll

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Denise Mina ✓ 4 review characters Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Denise Mina Read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Vol 1 The official graphic novel adaptation of Stieg Larsson's THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO This is book 1 of 2 Both books also were combined into a single volumeHarriet Vanger a scion of one o. 2 starsFor the record I own the entire Millennium book trilogy and the Swedish movie trilogy It s one of my favorite series and Lisbeth is hands down an all time favorite character My review treats this graphic novel as an adaptation of an original work not an original or stand alone work because that s not what it isThat being said while I do enjoy uite a few graphic novels I don t usually read comic versions of books because I find them lacking in content and not close enough to the original even than some movie adaptations so they become like condensed spin offs to meI picked this up because of the badass cover art and the first few pages seemed accurate to the book Unfortunately it left me pretty disappointed for the above reasons and I will be returning thisThis definitely does not deserve the 4 and 5 star ratings people who haven t read the books or even seen the movies have been giving it I don t want to make this a long review since there are others out there who ve already expressed the same opinions so in a nutshell this got 2 stars becauseThe character of Lisbeth was portrayed as frail and emotional than she is in the book She does not go dancing and she does not cryToo many panels looked the same like they were copied pasted and zoomed in even though I can tell they weren t I actually went back to previous pages to make sure I wasn t looking at the same illustration on a different backgroundThe art actually becomes lazy after a while It just gets flat and less detailed as if they decided to stop shading especially the parts with Mikael If you re drawn in by the cover don t expect the inside to be the sameThe character s mouths aren t open when they re talking This may seem like a minor detail but I feel like the most basic thing an illustrator should know is to make the characters look animated not like statues People are just sitting there while speech bubbles are floating around them If it weren t for the speech bubbles pointing to the tight lipped character who s supposed to be talking you wouldn t know whom the words belong toFinally too many details are just not accurate such as the tattoo Lisbeth cuts into BjurmanIf you want a visual adaptation of the Millennium trilogy try the Swedish films they re accurate to the book minus a few minor details and I personally think Noomi Rapace portrays Lisbeth flawlessly right down to her small height muscular build punk hair and icy take no prisoners attitude

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