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  • Hardcover
  • 400
  • The Flavour Thesaurus
  • Niki Segnit
  • English
  • 19 April 2017
  • 9780747599777

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Read & Download The Flavour Thesaurus 108 Ring that understanding to learning the language of flavorBreaking the vast universe of ingredients down to 99 essential flavors Segnit suggests classic and less well known pairings for each grouping almost 1000 entries into flavor families like Green Grassy Berry Bush and Creamy Fruity But The Flavor Thesaurus is much than just a reference book seasoning the mix of culinary science culture and expert knowledge with the author's own insights and opinions all presented in her witty engaging and highly readable style As appealing to t. Pros It gives you a very rough idea of flavour pairings The book is physically appealingCons It is completely anecdotal and subjective It is not logical It is not systematic It is not scientificConclusion I was excited for this book I am deeply disappointed with it and I feel deceived Reading from the descriptions on several bookstores it presents itself to be an encyclopedia It is most definitely not It is written in a very amateur manner that is illogical vague and imprecise The recipes are about 2 3 sentences longThe most horrific thing about this book is that it does NOT explain why the food pairs work or not It had one job and it failed miserably The book is presented as scientific but at best is a pretentious food diary of a someone who every now and then tries something different in a fancy restaurant

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Read & Download The Flavour Thesaurus 108 Uniue beautifully written and ceaselessly imaginative The Flavor Thesaurus is a completely new kind of food book inspired as author Niki Segnit explains by her over reliance on recipes Following the instructions in a recipe is like parroting pre formed sentences from a phrasebook Forming an understanding of how flavors work together on the other hand is like learning the language it allows you to express yourself freely to improvise to cook a dish the way you want to cook itThe Flavor Thesaurus is the inuisitive cook's guide to acui. I love this book It is part cookbook part food history part a glimpse into the head of the author I had it checked out from my library but by page 25 I knew I needed to own it If you like food read this bookI say I have finished this book because I have read every page but I think It will be awhile before I am ready to put it on the cookbook shelf In a spare moment I pick it up and look through it or wonder if this flavor and that will go together and I check this book

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Read & Download The Flavour Thesaurus 108 He novice cook as to the experienced professional The Flavor Thesaurus will not only immeasurably improve your cooking it's the sort of book that might keep you up at night readingCooking is an art like writing or painting and great cooks are artists And although the ultimate source of creativity remains elusive all painters have their color wheel all writers their vocabulary And now in the form of this beautiful entertaining and exhaustively researched book cooks have their own collection of essential knowledge The Flavor Thesaurus. This is my first one star review Not just on books but on anything I am generally of the opinion that if I don t have nice things to say about other people s hard work I might as well not Sometimes though it s good to warn people I m sure there are people who will get some value out of this book People who say aren t too clear on what a thesaurus is and so isn t mislead by the title When the attempt at writing such a thing as a flavor thesaurus failed a reworking of the concept might have saved it This could have Bern dement and helpful But somehow that didn t happen and instead we get this A book which isn t what it says it is and isn t nearly good enough to make up for it