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The Cabin review ↠ 100 Hank and Bill are looking to buy their first home together a weekend cabin in the mountains They enlist the help of their realtor Mitc. This review can be found at Brief Encounters ReviewsThis story is told from a couple of perspectives from that of the couple Hank and Bill who are seeking their first vacation home together Bill is somewhat older than Hank and after coming out of a rather messy long term relationship he was hesitant to tie them together financially but he finally feels they are ready and have been in touch with real estate agent Mitch who will show them a few places It s also told from Mitch s perspective He s an older gay man whose partner died of AIDS many years ago and he seems much of himself and his lover in the young couple he s withHis first stop is a rather typical American suburb where the men are not overly impressed to see the standard look alike houses Hank wants a cabin not just another house Mitch starts to reassess the young couple maybe they aren t like all the other gay men coming to check out vacation home maybe Bill is not trying to impress his younger lover by buying him a house they could be the real deal He then takes them to another house out it in the country and Hank falls in love It s what all of us would imagine a vacation cottage is supposed to be however as they are looking around Mitch seems to vanish When they return to town to figure out what the heck happened they discover the agency has no agent named Mitch and the house they looked at has been empty for so long because something always goes wrong people get injured while visiting mortgage approvals fall through rather a bad luck piece of property HmmmI found Mitch s reminiscences about his own life with his lover very touching You can feel that he still feels the loss many years later and while he moved on with his life and wasn t wallowing really he never found that kind of love again and seeing Bill and Mitch who remind him so much of his younger self was rather bittersweet I found the writing a little choppy perhaps at the beginning but once it got flowing it smoothed out and I got invested in the story I didn t really connect as much with Bill and Hank for some reason maybe because the focus for me seemed to be on Mitch and his past I did enjoy the paranormal twist though and if you are interested in stories that are a bit less typical not boy meets boy falls in love it is a good choice

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The Cabin review ↠ 100 Ationship It is only when he thinks that they are the appropriate people does he show them their perfect cabin but it's not all it see. This is a nice short story about two men who are ready to buy a holiday home togehter I liked the descritions of them as a couple how they approached the project and the interactions with their Realtor Gradually a few hints of something else going on started sneaking in but the twist a the end still took me by surprise A very nice one I might addThis story made me smile and I am sure it will do the same for yoiu if you like nicely written stories with a twist

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The Cabin review ↠ 100 H but they're in for a surprise in what he shows them Mitch looks at this couple with interest and relives fond moments of his own rel. This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there Maybe expecting certain things when reading a book is completely wrong and one should just surrender to the journey and enjoy I do that sometimes but these past few years I ve come to expect certain things because just as much as reading in general romance novels are a comfort to meThis particular story does have an outline for a romance with a couple trying to solidify their relationship by doing the next step and buying a house together and a realtor remembering the love of his life and just how special their bond was But despite what the blurb hints at I didn t see this as a romanceThere is no real connection with the characters especially with the main two and the love story I felt the most about turned out to be something very unexpected Honestly at one point I almost teared up and precisely because I managed to feel so much in so few pages I did give this story three stars but also for the same reason the ending really didn t work for me It was one of those Ha I got you types of things that I haven t wrote or read for a few years and that I just can t handle anyThe beginning in my opinion was the worst part of this book and for all those who feel the same don t be discouraged but rather give it one chance and read further it does get better The reason why that was this author uses a lot of descriptions and I do mean a lot Sometimes by the time you reach the end of a sentence you really have no idea what the beginning was about because at least half of it is consumed by a comparison of some sort At few instances it even made me frown in discomfort because it could have been worded betterThe hint of romance I did get made me wonder if this story would have been better if longer and with a different ending and wondering about books thinking about them even after they are read and shelved is very much positive

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