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  • Paperback
  • 368
  • The Viscount's Veiled Lady
  • Jenni Fletcher
  • English
  • 07 July 2019
  • 9780263268881

Summary The Viscount's Veiled Lady

review ✓ The Viscount's Veiled Lady 109 Jenni Fletcher Ô 9 Free download A lady hidden from societyA viscount with his own secretsWhen Frances Webster meets brooding Arthur Amberton on Whitby shores he’s a different. In this third book in her Whitby Weddings series author Jenni Fletcher pens a tender romance between a man who has allowed his past to imprison him and a young woman whose facial scarring has caused her to fashion a prison of sorts for herself The Viscount s Veiled Lady is not without its weaknesses but the central relationship is nicely developed and the hero and heroine are both likeable characters who have to learn to stop playing it uite so safe if they re to have the life and love they deserveFrances Webster was injured in an accident some years earlier and was left with a scar down one side of her face Self conscious and feeling that her mother is embarrassed by her looks Frances rarely attends public events and when she does go out she never leaves home without wearing a veil Knowing her ugly scar has ruined her marriage prospects her former fianc

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The Viscount's Veiled Lady

review ✓ The Viscount's Veiled Lady 109 Jenni Fletcher Ô 9 Free download Man from the dashing young gentleman she once carried a flame for But life has changed her too After a tragic accident left her scarred physica. 45 stars as reviewed at Roses Are Blue years ago Arthur Amberton was secretly engaged to Lydia Webster a woman his father found unsuitable Despite Arthur s pleas his father Viscount Scorborough insisted that Arthur marry a wealthy woman hand picked by him and to live his life as a proper heir to a title should Arthur decided to approach Lydia with a plan to elope only to find her with another man Angry and heartbroken Arthur left home for nine months only returning when he learned of his father s death making him a viscount He lives a reclusive life now working a farm on his land and avoiding society and all the rumors surrounding him and his mysterious disappearanceFrances Webster always had a bit of a crush on her older sister s fianc Arthur who was always kind to her and spent time chatting with her When Arthur disappeared fickle Lydia wasted no time in marrying a

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review ✓ The Viscount's Veiled Lady 109 Jenni Fletcher Ô 9 Free download Lly and emotionally she’s led a solitary life She cherishes their new friendship yet she can’t help but hope Arthur sees the beauty within h. Gal iek tiek veiksmo gal t b ti daugiau