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free read The Urantia Book 106 As a rich complex moral narrative eual parts Tolkien St Paul The Urantia Foundation a USA based non profit group 1st published The Urantia Book in 1955 In 2001 a jury found that the English book's copyright was no longer valid after 1983 The English text became a public domain work in the USA In 2006 the international copyright expire. Paper 64 is very tellingeugenics are definitely not a good thing and Europeans are not better stock because they did not stay in Africa to breed with the lesser stock Also the book is absolutely loaded with 3 dollar words that often could have very easily used simplified alternatives My gut rejects this as tripe no matter where it came from

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free read The Urantia Book 106 The Urantia Book aka Urantia Papers or The Fifth Epochal Revelation is a spiritual philosophical book that originated in Chicago sometime between 1924 1955 Authorship remains a matter of speculation The authors introduce the word Urantia as the name of the planet Earth state that their intent is to present enlarged concepts advanced tr. Saved my life Main reason I didn t suicide in 1986 at the beginning of a 12 yr suicidal depression 1986 98 and one of the main reasons I became spiritual after growing up in an atheisticagnostic familyAlmost completed replaced other cosmologies in my beliefs Caveat My early training as a mathematician scientistmeans that I hold many inconsistent views of reality simultaneously Overall I have a 99% belief in this not channelled but esoteric workIt s one of the VERY RARE books which I ve reread every few years always finding that my added experience allows new insightsThe symmetry beauty and grandeur of it s concepts is breathtaking mind blowing I m pretty smart college at age 10 and this is the book which puts me in my place every time I have an attack of inflation when I think t

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free read The Urantia Book 106 Uth The book aims to unite religion science philosophy its enormous amount of material about science is uniue among literature claimed to be presented by celestial beings Among other topics the book discusses the origin meaning of life humankind's place in the universe the relationship between God people Jesus' life It's been described. The Urantia Book is the only book I ve read over and over again each reading amazing than the lastI m not going to attempt to describe the contents it is in the public domain grab a copy and become a citizen of the universe of universes