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  • Paperback
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  • The Perils of Paella (Carolyn Blue Mystery, Book 5)
  • Nancy Fairbanks
  • English
  • 12 February 2019
  • 9780425193907

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The Perils of Paella (Carolyn Blue Mystery, Book 5) Read & Download ´ 4 He actors in not acting she's deadas well as a dead ringer for Roberta And now Carolyn is in the middle of a new investigation into a very unsavory cri. Definitely entertaining I ll read of her books

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The Perils of Paella (Carolyn Blue Mystery, Book 5) Read & Download ´ 4 Where her friend Roberta is the resident scholar There she catches a performance art piece about death planted a little too firmly in reality One of t. Carolyn Blue comes to Barcelona to meet up with her friend Roberta and enjoy the tastes of Spanish cuisine She also finds a the discovery of a dead body in a performance art piece also on her menu The fact that it bears a striking resemblance to her friend is just spice on the dishThe style of the book is a narrative between Carolyn and the Inspector Pujol the policeman in charge of the investigation Told in chapters titled by the character who is narrating at that point Carolyn telling of the divedangerous areas of the town she winds up in and what is happening from her side Inspector Pujol tells of what he has to deal with in the upper echelons of the politicos he has to deal with along with dealing with the American lady and her talkativeness Carolyn moves at a uicker pace than Pujol but both with the same goalsolve the murderOne glitch is dealing with the names An example is Inspector Pujol s name is formally Inspector Ildefons Pujol i Serra It seems that i Serra denotes of Serra A number of characters are so names in the text Also being in California I am used to a different type of Spanish that what is found in Spain I know there is a difference Once I settled into this all was fineI have read Nancy Fairbanks books before and do enjoy them They are light read with enough clues and red herrings to keep you guessing along the way Also the characters aren t weighted down with too much personal baggage What I call a fun uick read or a Goodread

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The Perils of Paella (Carolyn Blue Mystery, Book 5) Read & Download ´ 4 Food writer Carolyn gets to challenge her taste testing skills once again this time in Barcelona Her first feast is for the eyes at a modern art museum. This is the fourth Carolyn Blue culinary mystery This time Carolyn is sunny Barcelona hoping to sample delicious Catalan food Carolyn s been to Barcelona before as well as enjoy the historic sights of the magnificent city but finding herself entangled in yet another murder investigation instead Unfortunately for me I didn t find this particualr installment to be as enjoyable as the previous one Chocolate uakeWhen Carolyn s scientist husband Jason is invited to give a few lectures in Salamanca and Barcelona Carolyn naturally decides to tag along This will give her a chance to sample the excellent Catalan fare to be had in Barcelona and write a few articles about the food and history of the city And when Carolyn learns that her good friend Roberta Hecht is in Barcelona having accepted a 3 month stint at the Espirit de Gaudi i Miro Carolyn decides to go ahead to Barcelona in order to spend some time with her friend before Jason joins her The last thing that Carolyn expected when she turns up at the museum feeling extremely jet lagged and rumpled is to make the unsettling discovery that there is a dead body in the performance art piece being performed at the museum And not just any dead body but that of a young woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to her friend Roberta Is someone after Roberta But why would anyone want to murder Roberta Carolyn soon learns however that in the small and stifling world of the Espirit de Gaudi i Miro where absurd jealousies and pettiness seems part of the course everyone seems to believe that Roberta is guilty of the crime Knowing full well that Roberta is incapable of murdering anyone Carolyn is determined to help her friend prove her innocence even if it means getting entangled in a murder investigation once again