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  • The Night’s Dark Shade
  • Elena Maria Vidal
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  • 07 February 2017
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The Night’s Dark Shade review ´ 108 Set amid the turmoil of the Albigensian Crusade in thirteenth century France THE NIGHT'S DARK SHADE tells of heresy versus orthodoxy and of forbidden love versus fidelity Heiress of her father's estates in Auvergne the orphaned Lady Raphaëlle leaves her home to marry a nobleman in a remote castle in the Pyrenees There she encounters the mysterious Cathar sect who challenge all of her most deeply held beliefs As she seeks the path of her true calling she discovers hatred and betrayal as well as abiding friendship and unexpected loveFrom the first page Vidal draws the reader into a vibrant world of action and emotion Raphaelle de Miramande is an engaging young heroine bravely facing physical and moral dangers and dilemmas in. I wasted my money on this book I struggled to the last page to find any interest in it but the plot is botched the characters completely flat the action poorly lead and the writing awfulIt is possible to adopt an openly Catholic perspective and be a good writer so its definitely not the problem here

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The Night’s Dark Shade review ´ 108 Hristine Niles host of Fidelis Radio's Forward BoldlyIn the first chapter the setting plot and all the main characters are all well establishedThe novel moves on mixing history and drama at a good pace Raphaelle is caught up in several major dilemmas; we can truly sympathize with what she is going through Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold Miller bloggerThe festering underbelly of the Cathar movement and the clash between two rival faiths in thirteenth century France make this novel very interesting very enjoyable andone of the most intriguing takes on religious controversies of the Middle Ages If you are a fan of medieval stories then this one is certainly worth picking up Gareth Russell author of Popular and The Immaculate Deceptio. This novel brought to life for me the era in which our early Dominican brothers and sisters lived and preached I was also stunned chilled at the parallels to our own times Wonderfully written work

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The Night’s Dark Shade review ´ 108 Search of truth and love Vidal's novel captures the spirit of the Middle Ages Stephanie A Mann author of Supremacy and SurvivalA harrowing and engrossing journey Catherine Delors author of Mistress of the Revolution and For the KingThe novel illustrates how easily and insidiously the abhorrent becomes desirable the selfish honorable when individuals seek nothing beyond the fulfillment of their own desires a message perhaps even relevant today than it was centuries ago Julianne Douglas Writing the Renaissance blogElena Maria Vidal has been gifted with an eye for historical detail an energetic imagination an elegant writing style and a keen and informed faith all of which blend attractively together in this her latest work C. A historical romance set in 13th century France The Night s Dark Shade is an engrossing tale about faith honor and courtly loveIn the wake of the loss of her family and her betrothed Lady Rapha lle finds herself thrust into a world that challenges everything she believes in Drawn into an arranged marriage with her cousin Raymond the young Vicomtesse de Miramande is placed under the guardianship of her uncle the Baron de Marcadeau Hopeful and eager to make the most of her situation Rapha lle is disappointed to find that all is not as she believed Set upon by a band of brigands while traveling to her uncle s estate Rapha lle meets the dashing Sir Martin de Revel Saissac a knight of the Hospitaller order This fateful meeting awakens Rapha lle s sense of passion and longing an awakening that brings with it a restlessness and sudden awareness of her position as a femaleStruggling between duty and love Rapha lle is unwittingly drawn into a world marked by heresy and fanaticism Under the auspices of friendship Rapha lle is beguiled by her aunt the Lady Esclarmonde a Perfecta of the Cathar sect who wants to ensure that her son s marriage will prove advantageous to the Cathar Unwilling to compromise her Christian faith and wishing to annul her betrothal Rapha lle seeks the aid of her cousin Bertrand and Sir Martin and soon finds herself placed in the custody of Sir Jacues d Orly King Louis IX s loyal liegeBraving danger and persecution Rapha lle emerges as a strong and thoughtful character a woman certain of her virtue and moral stance This novel drew me in from the very first page and put me in mind of the Lais of Marie de France Rapha lle is a charming character whose innocence and strong opinions make her a worthy lady and a wonderful protagonist The history of the Cathari is fascinating and lends a darkness to the tale that adds a thrilling sense of mystery to Rapha lle s journeyI highly recommend this novel for readers interested in fiction about medieval women s lives and courtly love