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Download Ò L'homme ui regardait passer les trains µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Kees Popinga is an average man a solid citizen who might enjoy a game of chess in the evening But one night this model husband and devoted father discovers his boss is bankrupt and that his own carefully tended life is in ruins Before he had watched impassively as the trains swept by; now he catches the first one out of town and soon commits murder before the night is out How reliable is even the most reliabl. Cool as a cucumber Dutchman Kees Popinga wonders around Paris with plenty of cash Drinking smoking playing chess entertaining women seemingly without a care in the world sounds great Oh I forgot to mention the police are on his tail as he is wanted for being the Amsterdam sex maniac Kess himself sees this tag as a bit of an insult that makes him mad which he clearly is believing he is nothing of the sort Although he is a killer you wouldn t think itLeaving his family behind after the company he works for goes down the pan he heads from the Netherlands to France completely at random and fueled by dark impulses but always remaining calm and relaxed unaware of being dragged ever lower due to his resilience and absolute confidence in his ability to outwit the French police which he is good at for a time however when his downward spiral is set in motion from the moment he wakes up earlier in the story there is no going backThe psychological portrait of a criminal on the run and his descent into insanity is the core of the novel Next time an overconfident criminal starts sending letters to the press I will be thinking of Popinga It was Like being informed of the mind games behind the press releases and psychological profiling from today Police methods haven t really changed much since 1938 after this was was published The character of Popinga is a bizarre spectacle and was riveting spending time in his company chilling yes but he never seemed threatening or reckless and carried on with his new lease of life trying to be as normal as possible while other people woven into the novel felt rather flat and seemed to welcome unwanted trouble Simenon generally devoted only about a week and a half to writing a novel in between getting his leg over with one of 10000 girlfriends a practice that again was good for his bank account and bad for his reputation Will certainly read of him

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Download Ò L'homme ui regardait passer les trains µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Gret He also began to write his psychological novels or romans durs books in which he displays a sympathetic awareness of the emotional and spiritual pain underlying the routines of daily life Having written nearly two hundred books under his own name and become the best selling author in the world Simenon retired as a novelist in 1973 devoting himself instead to dictating memoirs that filled thousands of pag. While discussing Black Swan with friends the other day I realized this novel has a similarity or two with Darren Aronofsky movies Remember those movies Reuiem for a Dream Pi The Wrestler Black Swan where we have one or characters going on with their lives when somehow things begin spiraling out of control And how The Man Who Watched Trains Go By has a similar premise except the transition in the protagonist s life is relatively sudden He steps around a corner from where there is no turning backKees Popinga the protagonist has always done what is expected of him by the society his family and his employer He has built a stable and seemingly content life for himself However while trying too hard to be perfect he has lost himself somewhere forgotten who he really was and how he really wishes to live He is tired and bored of being himself He is bogged down by the monotony of his life though he doesn t yet realize as much One fateful night his predictable life takes an unexpected turn and Popinga breaks down He is now no longer the man who always used to watch trains go by while staying put but hops on a train himself to start afresh and live on his own terms And the reader accompanies him on his existential journeySimenon writes well He never goes too deep into Popinga s psychology but lets us understand his psyche by telling a lot of the story from Popinga s point of view Popinga gets himself into a cat and mouse game with the police He goes about playing this game objectively thinking and planning out every move he makes While Popinga takes pride in being so clear headed and smart the reader can only feel sorry for the poor fellow s foolishness Whatever you feel about his actions you can t help feeling pity for him You want to grab him by the shoulders and shake some sense into his head Like those times when you find yourself yelling at someone on your TV screenSimenon also sprinkles the plot with suspense which adds another interesting dimension to the storyThere are sure to be many Popingas in the world around us who are wearied of their stressful lives and wish to breathe free

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Download Ò L'homme ui regardait passer les trains µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E man's identity Georges Simenon 1903 1989 was born in Liege Belgium He went to work as a reporter at the age of fifteen and in 1923 moved to Paris where under various pseudonyms he became a highly successful and prolific author of pulp fiction while leading a dazzling social life In the early 1930s Simenon emerged as a writer under his own name gaining renown for his detective stories featuring Inspector Mai. Kees Popinga the main character of The man who watched the trains go by is an exemplary husband and caring father of two teenage children When we meet him for the first time he could serve as a shining example of a man He avoids bars like the plague he opposes bravely to physical desires and does it so successfully that he never had gone to a public house He works in the firm of Julius de Coster where he earns uite a good money that allows him to look after his family Mr Popinga lives in a large villa and is a member of the chess club which accumulates local social scene He spends his evenings in the warmth of hearth and home smoking cigars and leading trivial conversations with Mrs Popinga It seems that nothing is able to disturb that idyllic if slightly dull pictureMeanwhile one cold winter evening unexpectedly but radically changes life of our protagonist who due to some words of his employer breaks up with his current life commits a crime and by the night train goes to Paris There we can accompany him in his oneiric wanderings through the streets of the city where he tries to hide from the policeGeorges Simenon creates a study of a man who brought to the brink decides to cross the line Popinga under the influence of a single impulse becomes the individual not associated with anyone or anything with no idea object place man He has nothing to offer in the role he had played the whole life model husband and daddy The former Mr Popinga had just run out of steamHe is like an empty vessel from which previous life just drained and now Mr Popinga has to pour it in something other to shape himself anew However it turns out that by freeing himself from the chains of one scheme he easily falls into the next one From a decent though dull citizen and respected man tormented by everyday routine becomes a pervert from Amsterdam hunted by the entire French police Following Popinga s case we can see that everyone even seemingly the most ordinary and colorless man is the epitome of a mystery And that apparently trivial event can activate silently indwelling in our souls forces

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