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The Jinx Rachel Benjamin #2

review ☆ The Jinx Rachel Benjamin #2 Ngs change when Rachel's friend is attacked perhaps by a serial killer on the loo. Romantic suspense chick lit romp featuring an investment banker from New York who gets caught up in bizarre circumstances involving a serial killer a stalker an MIA boyfriend and a company takeover while in Boston on a business trip

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review ☆ The Jinx Rachel Benjamin #2 In this seuel to The Pact investment bankerdetective Rachel Benjamin heads to Bos. I didn t realize this book was part of a series and I can see that one should really read the first novel called The Pact to become familiar with many of the characters who are continued in this story I can t say that I particularly liked any of the characterseven Rachael Benjamin who is a very clever woman working in Mergers and Acuisitions at a very competitive financial firm seems very flighty and unorganized as she deals with her love life trying to save the company from a takeover solving a few murders which were vaguely included in the story meeting up with her university friends interviewing new candidates for her company all in one very hectic 4 day weekendThe mystery part was not crisp but vague The only interesting part was the ending to find that the killer was not at all whom I expected it to be

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review ☆ The Jinx Rachel Benjamin #2 Ton where she plans to sueeze in uality time with her promising new boyfriend Thi. I