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FREE READ ñ The Isle of Song Stepfather was offered a job there Kate was not at all happy about the prospect Was she right to worry or wa. The whole romance was unbelievableI couldn t feel the love of the H throughout the book it just came from nowhere at the end The h was impossibly dullShe was completely overshadowed by the OW who in my opinion should have been the main character although she lacked depth like every single protagonist of that bookOn top of that the writing was less than so so with way too much redundancy

SUMMARY The Isle of SongThe Isle of Song

FREE READ ñ The Isle of Song Most of us would jump at the chance to live on one of the beautiful islands of the South Pacific but when her. This was OK but this was one of these OW s where the h was supposed to end up thinking that the OW was a wonderful person with no designs on the H However the OW seemed to say some very pointedly bitchy things to the h and I can t really think why she would say them except that she was interested in the H


FREE READ ñ The Isle of Song S it that as Simon Ellison was always telling her she was too fond of trying to manage all her family's lives. Didn t like the hero at first but the author developed his character in such a way that I uite liked him by the end

  • Hardcover
  • 245
  • The Isle of Song
  • Hilary Wilde
  • English
  • 14 April 2017
  • 9781410402721