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review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ø Jena Cryer Download ç The Initiation Milked by Royalty #1 100 Jena Cryer Ø 0 Download Julia Dorne just wants to extend her visa With her classes ending and her return to the US seemingly imminent she swears she'll do anything to remain in the country she's come to love And nothing would please the lord of Farthington Hall Lord James Ashe is handsome rich and powerful but than that he's Julia's only hope for remaining in England When he gives her the option of ente. Recently while reading the work of another author I was introduced to lactation erotica for the first time While the milking played a minor role in the overall story it was sufficient enough to peak my interest in exploring the subject matter a bit further and I picked up this delightful little work by Jena Cryer Really just a sampling of a greater work The Initiation served to wet my appetite and left me eager to read on and delve a bit deeper into this fascinatingly different form of erotic expression The story centers on a young woman Jewel eager to remain abroad in England but nearing the end of her visa Out of options she is guided by a friend to the estate of a wealthy English Earl where she accepts a position of employment under dubious conditions as a Hucow or Human Cow destined to be milked for the duration of her week long contract The Initiation covers Jewels introduction and indoctrination to her new role as a Hucow and for those that find the appeal of this particular brand of kink the scenes contained within are hot and steamy and I hope a foreshadowing of what can be expected in the parts that follow An interesting and rather fanciful premise I can t wait to pick up Milked By Royalty The Full Collection and find out what happens next and how this story ends

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The Initiation Milked by Royalty #1

review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ø Jena Cryer Download ç The Initiation Milked by Royalty #1 100 Jena Cryer Ø 0 Download Ence The author does not condone or endorse any of the behaviors carried out by its characters For longer works featuring human cow and other pet play themes consider reading the author's other works including the 53000 word BDSM erotic novel HIS BLACK PEARL and MILKED INTO THRALL a 25000 word erotica containing elements of bondage lactation human cow training and tons of milking. Weird but very hotAnd it made me wonder for what was going to happen next so I bought the full collection after reading this free sample to find out about the rest in this seriesJulia wants to stay in England and when somebody introduced her to the earl who could help her get an visa for a longer time she agrees to work for him for a weekWhile she agrees she doesn t know what she agrees too Being drugged with something which turns her into a human cow with larger breast spilling milk isn t what she was thinking would mean the work she had to do Getting milked makes her so horny she is taken by the earl and the man who brought her to him Now she is going to be trained to be a human cow for a week That is where this story stops

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review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ø Jena Cryer Download ç The Initiation Milked by Royalty #1 100 Jena Cryer Ø 0 Download Ring his service she signs up for a week long trial contract to work in his dairy but little does she know he doesn't want her to milk his cows He wants her to become one MILKED BY ROYALTY PART ONE THE INITIATION is an 8500 word erotic tale featuring sometimes reluctant human cows rapid breast expansion and lots and lots of milkingThis is a work of fiction meant for an adult audi. My fourth story by Cryer And first in a long time It s another one of those short little serial type stories One of those I always feel vaguely like I should become enraged at any moment but don t Not sure why specifically I like these type of stories but I do Don t get me wrong I don t mean to imply that I always like these types of stories There s a reason why I mentioned rage Didn t even feel the glimmer of it this time Though did feel a thought of oh yeah one of these types of stories Cryer tends to keep relatively safely on the side of exciting little tidbit of story and not slide over the cliff to boring andor enragingA young woman of twenty flees to England after breaking up with her fiancee There s some story there that s hinted at but never fully explained Apparently Mathew the name of the man had done something that caused Julia to feel betrayed and or that her trust had been broken So as noted she fled to England Judging to some side comments barely touched upon she fled there to go to schoolShe meet a man there a man named Brandon A fellow American Living in England Their relationship was kind of not deeply explainedexamined but the idea that comes across is that Brandon is helping Julia see and experience real England And later when her visa is about to expire help her find a way to stay longer in EnglandBrandon suggests one Lord James Ashe as someone likely to be of help She s driven to Lord Ashe s place Presented to him Comments flow back and forth and before you know it she s signed a service contract for one week So that she can stay in England She s then lead into a barn whereupon she finds out what exactly this service actually consists of It s no real secret I mean it s right there in the title The Initiation Wait no the Milked by Royalty part I liked the story Probably than I should Just had two problems with it One I realized going in that it was a serial or a part of a story but the story either ended too late or too early I mean some scenes occurred then the next day begins She s to be trained Is handed over to someone else begins to story ends Should have ended before she meets her trainer or ended hmms not sure where but some shortish distance past where it did end Two bloody thing fooled me I m at 59% of the story and the end Rest of the file were excerpts and stuff like that I don t really mind a short storyserial pat But I hate when my normal method of knowing how long a story is is played with like that Especially when the little text that began after the story began with something like I hoped you liked Milked by Thrall or whichever story was mentioned The rest of the stuff was actually for a different series Well some of it might have been for the rest of this series but I didn t read the excerpt or move past it to see what was there