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review The Gilded Wolves 103 No one believes in them But soon no one will forget themIt's 1889 The city is on the cusp of industry and power and the Exposition Universelle has breathed new life into the streets and dredged up ancient secrets Here no one keeps tabs on dark truths better than treasure hunter and wealthy. ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Sometimes the only way to take down what had destroyed you was to disguise yourself as part of it Most of you know that Roshani Chokshi is one of my favorite authors I loved both The Star Touched ueen A Crown of Wishes with my whole heart and soul So I knew when she was writing a brand new series about a found family completing heists and solving puzzles that I wouldn t be able to resist once I got my hands on an ARC And friends this was such a treat to read This is a historical fantasy set in alternate 1889 Paris France and in this alternate world children will manifest magical powers by the age of thirteen And there are two different kinds of magic the magic of mind and the magic of matter There is also a very powerful secret society that goes by the name of the Order of Babel and it used to be made up of four houses but two houses took over ten years ago And by doing so they made a very big mistake claiming the heir of one of those fallen houses as dead Turning into ghosts is not what the dead deserve S verin Biracial Algerian French For sure the leader of the group who wants nothing than to keep his crew safe and out of harm s way But he is on a mission to reclaim his true inheritance that was stolen from him with lies ten years ago because he gets an offer than he couldn t possibly refuse Laila Indian ownvoices dancer who is dealing with a lot of grief and a lot of anxiety over her past She has the magical matter forging ability to touch any object and read it to know everything about it And she desperately needs S verin s plan to work Tristan White and S verin considers him his little brother because they moved around a lot together in foster care Also Tristan loves his pet tarantula Goliath than anything but he s still my favorite little gardenerbotanist Zofia On the Autism spectrum Jewish Polish has anxiety and a lot of her actions in my opinion as someone who has OCD feels like she may also fall on the OCD spectrum She finds comfort in numbers needs to have things in their rightful place and is willing to do any and everything for her little sister that she was forced to leave behind Zofia also has magical forging abilities of the mind Hypnos Black ueer probably pan maybe bi and maybe even non binary heir of a French aristocrat but know he is also a descendant of slavery His story line is a little rough at first but you soon realize that he considers S verin a brother to him and honestly Hypnos ended up being my second favorite character Also he made me giggle so much that my tummy hurt Enriue Biracial Filipino ownvoices Spanish ueer he is either bisexual or pansexual but I m not sure my heart can take reading about a half Filipino pan character because it is all I ve ever wanted in literature But this character meant a lot to me I am not sure I ve ever read specifically about a biracial Filipino dealing with cultural erasure on both sides of their heritage before I mean this book is literally people trying to erase cultures from history and Enriue is literally a historian but seeing people make comments about his looks and biraciality just really hit home for me on a really personal level I completely realize that there comes an immense privilege with being white passing but reading this book and feeling how real and hurtful it is when people disregard you and erase you because you don t fit in their stereotypical mold of what a half Asian person should look like but they also never let you forget that you re not fully white Yet also not feeling like you truly fit in because of your lighter or westernized features even if they comment about it in a way that they believe is positive and a compliment And Enriue also has to deal with people thinking that Asian people are interchangeable and thinking that their cruel and ignorant words are acceptable to say I loved all the characters in this book but Enriue just felt like the character I ve been searching for for a very long while and he just really encompassed so many things that I hold inside myself every day His character just meant a lot to me and I will cherish him forever and always in my heart Breathtaking arts by Nicole DealAnd this ragtag group of misfits come together and create something so beautiful that I hardly have words to describe it This book heavily talks about colonization And even though the heart of this novel is about a found family who unconditionally loves one another the soul of this novel is about cultural erasure and how important it is to keep the traditions and history from your culture no matter who tries to make you believe that theirs is superior And this book really puts an emphasis of the terrible acts people will commit while saying that it s for or because of a higher power But the greatest thief of all was the Order of Babel for they stole than just objects they stole histories But all these characters feel like a tier above the rest of what YA has to offer They feel so real their pain feels so raw and you just want to protect them all at all costs Roshani really is a master word weaver and I can t help falling in love with every story she puts into the world She is also the master of romance and I was swooning extra hard for two people in this Also the set up to book two will probably be the death of me As for the other romantic relationship Roshani is either going to completely slay me with the love triangle or give me everything I ve ever wanted with a polyamorous relationship Lord hear my prayers Also because I don t think I mentioned this above a good portion of this book is set at a hotel called L Eden where the crew lives and develops new advancements to help them with their missions I know I ve already gushed pretty hard over this book but I love books that are set in hotels and inns so much and it was just such an unexpected treat Then again Roshani always writes the best settings and my heart fell completely in love with a poisonous greenhouse in this story tooOverall I just really loved this one I am sure many people will compare The gilded Wolves to a mix of Six of Crows The Da Vinci Code upon release and I think that s valid bu I think it has its own uniue spin too The cast is diverse and lovable the writing is lush and beautiful the themes are important and heartfelt and the story is captivating and unputdownable If you like a story with secrets and mystery filled artifacts and puzzle solving with a little romance and funny banter then I completely recommend picking up The Gilded Wolves upon releaseBlog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch The uotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publicationContent and trigger warnings for colonialism cultural erasure and racism always challenged and in a negative light blood depiction mention of past suicide loss of a loved one bullying in the past abandonment anxiety attacks mention of a stillbirth and depictions of grief Buddy read with Kristi Mel Amy Caidyn Lily Alex

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review The Gilded Wolves 103 Hotelier Séverin Montagnet Alarie When the elite ever powerful Order of Babel coerces him to help them on a mission Séverin is offered a treasure that he never imagined his true inheritanceTo hunt down the ancient artifact the Order seeks Séverin calls upon a band of unlikely experts An. 45 Full review on my Blog The Dacian She Wolf As always I have a mean confession to make I started this book because of the pretty cover The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi is what we call in Romanian a stru oc mil That means the book is an ostrichcamel JK It means it is a weird mixture of things a hybrid if you want me not to me so plastic in expression I can t seem to remember the word in English to express the same energy the word stru oc mil has but I know that there is such a word and if you are kind enough to share the knowledge with me I d be gratefulNow coming back to my ostrichcamel theory I just want to say that this book is an interesting mixture of childish action and brilliant information that I somehow love hated Maybe hate is a too strong word Maybe I ll replace that with didn t like So I didn t like the fact that even though the action is omnipresent it was a bit confusing because of the writing style and also childish if you look from a elaborated point of view But I did like it because even though the action was so simple it was packed with a complex way of thinking and with very accurate historical and mathematical facts that in some ways blew my mind Don t capture their hearts Steal their imagination It s far useful In fact I do agree with that because it seems like this book s basis There is an interesting mixture as I said of facts and actions that make use of the imagination of a reader than of their wonderThe mathematical logic of this book seems to be flawless but this is my personal opinion as a maths scared kid that has no idea how numbers work You can elaborate on the theory that 22345 and give me three complex looking arguments and I ll agree with you and think of you as a genius beyond the complexity of this planetOkay now let s see what kind of myths symbols and legends are being broken down hereThis myth of the Babel Tower together with the symbol of an Eye of Horus is brought into a secret society thingy that tries to protect that very Babel myth The Eye of Horus holds the sight of fragments from the Tower uite tangled huh Dare I say all this happens in 19th century France or shouldn t I bring it to you like that on myths in the full reviewPretty interesting so far don t you think Another interesting thing is the composure of the characters Every single one of them is an outcast with a sad or even terrifying background storyAll the characters are well anchored both in the present and also in the past and this makes them somehow real in an unreal world You are real my girl for you are loved The best part about them though is not their stories but the cultural diversity that links them together It is so heart warming to read about a homogeneous cultural group of outcasts don t you think S verin the leader of the group the heir of House Vanth stripped from his title because of his origins he was half French and half Algerian Tristan S verin s brother in soul if not in blood a weird boy with a passion for plants and tarantulas Laila a marvellous gorgeous and fabulous Indian girl with a terrifying story and an eually terrifying power in the palms of her hands S verin s love interest and tbh mine too because she is a UEEN Zofia a Jewish Polish introverted genius who s smarter than most of the people on the planet but has severe issues with expressing her feelings to be completely honest I somehow affiliate with Zofia and that makes her character a bit easier for me to handle Hypnos the rightful heir of House Nyx a half French half black Haitian drama ueen with a great sense of fashion and also of humour that I ve come to love love love Enriue the Spanish Filipino historian of the group with a wicked sense of humour and a brilliant mind who also appears to be bisexual which makes my ship o meter explode because I don t know with whom do I ship him Completely honest now I wasn t expecting them to be so diverse and so gorgeous together but here they are And I d love for you to agree with me Unity in diversity says a well known motto and this book seems to be all about it After all how can one plan world domination without the help of those who share the same intrinsic desire But first where s the wine I can t discuss the end of civilisation without wine Book inspired

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review The Gilded Wolves 103 Engineer with a debt to pay A historian banished from his home A dancer with a sinister past And a brother in arms if not bloodTogether they will join Séverin as he explores the dark glittering heart of Paris What they find might change the course of history but only if they can stay alive. He thought of the stories he d heard growing up about the underworld The tale of Orpheus who looked behind him and lost everything He wouldn t be that He would descend and ascend and lose nothing but a handful of time reread September 2020 I love them so much your honourI AM DEAD Friends I have no words to describe how much I loved this book But also I have too many words please scream with me This was such a fun historical fantasy and I ADORED the cast You know when you just instantly fall in love with every single character like you just know you would throw yourself in front of a bus for them yes that Also THE OTP TO END ALL OTPS I CANNOT even speak about how much I adored Laila and Severin as a ship The angst the drama And that all the angst and drama seemed so real and not just annoyingly manufactured URGH I ADORE THEM This is one of my favourite books of 2019 I know it already even though it s January I have so much to say and I just don t know how to physically use my fingers to type out the words to fully encapsulate how I feel about this book so I m doing a spoiler free review then a rambly I NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS section at the bottom you ll know when the spoilers are coming don t worry ALRIGHT HERE WE GO Wolves were everywhere In politics on thrones in beds They cut their teeth on history and grew fat on war The Gilded Wolves is such a high energy romp through a really intricately wrought Parisian historical fantasy setting The magic system and world is so fresh and I haven t read anything much like it Seriously what is with all the Six of Crows comparisons They re nothing alike The world has this perfect blend of history magic and technology which I loved Think something like the world in Timekeeper or maybe The Diviners Historical fantasy is uickly becoming one of my favourite genres and this book absolutely reminded me why it is SO fun to have something magical set in a historic time period and 1889 Paris is one I ve never read from before Most importantly The Gilded Wolves features such a beautiful six person ensemble cast who immediately won me over with their charm and hilarity I LOVE the found family trope and this book does it so well I also loved the established relationships characters who are in past relationships or have known eachother for a while For me it was really nice to jump into the middle of a group instead of going through all that meet upmeet cute stuff which often feels tedious to me And as far as found families go this one is ADORABLE I loved all their interactions and banter if you live for characters literally just talking to eachother and giving eachother shit you will LOVE THIS All in all we follow six main characters S verin my SON The leader of the group He was the head of a powerful house but his inheritance was stolen and now he wants it back Definitely the protective father figure of the group I liked how messy he is at times and that he definitely isn t perfect Looking forward to where his character goes next Laila I ADORE HER She was probably my favourite character Laila is Indian and has the ability to read the history of objects She is ADORABLE I loved how she is the mum friend but also she totally owns her sexuality and is super confident My ueen That scene of her dancing ended me A hot bitch please punch me in the face Tristan Sweetie who loves his giant spider botanist who has the ability to grow giant gardens and is Severins best friendadopted brother Oooh his character is SO interesting to me cannot get into too much without spoiling but my thought and expectations about him get getting all twisted up and I LOVED IT Definitely not what you expected going in Enriue Spanish Filipino historian and probably bisexual Absolute nerd trying his best to interact with people and doing okay He didn t have as much background as some of the other characters but I loved how he interacted with the Filipino revolutionaries and I m excited to see where his character arc goes next Zofia Okay full honest I don t know how to feel about her yet but I also feel like I could ADORE HER IN TIME She is a Jewish Polish girl who loves math and struggles with social interaction but also she just wants to be loved someone love her She has a rare magical gift and is overall pretty cool but I just didn t feel as attached to her as some of the others oop Hypnos I AM KIN WITH THIS MAN What an angel Hypnos is my other favourite charater alongside Laila Recommends drinking wine when things are going wrong because it won t help but at least you won t remember so in fact extremely relatable Loves fashion and is dramatic as hell but also just wants a pal I would die for him too precious too pure He is a French aristocrat leader of the powerful House Nyx he is black and gay Am I pretty asked Enriue plucking at his fake beard and patting his hands over his jowls wrinkles and age spots Be honest Pretty is a stretch Let s call you striking Or impossible to look away from Oooh Like the sun I was thinking along the lines of a train wreck I am gonna be real and say this is not a perfect book At times the worldbuilding and magic system was a little confusing for me but overall I loved this book and loved reading it so much I don t care I mostly rate books based on enjoyment and sometimes you enjoy a book so much you can ignore it s little faults That is how I felt about The Gilded Wolves It made me fall so in love with the characters and I had such a fun fun time reading it I just honestly don t care What I also love about this book is I KNOW I could reread it and soon and books I know I can enjoy than once always are the ones I love most uick rant what is WITH all the soc comparisons The only similarity is having a six person cast and heist elements both of which were not invented by Six of Crows Personally I think it does this book a disservice to compare it to Six of Crows when they re SO DIFFERENT and not even the same genremagic systemcharacter tropes or anything URGH Do better reviewers When you are who they expect you to be they never look too closely If you re furious let it be fuel S verin said looking each of them in the eye Just don t forget that enough power and influence makes anyone impossible to look away from And then they can t help but see you The Gilded Wolves is such a fun book The cast is adorable and the ending has set up book two in such a huge way I can barely wait This book is solid throughout action packed and doesn t have a single dull moment The character relationships angsty ship and dramatic last 100 pages really elevated this book for me and I cannot tell you how much I TRULY adored it I think there is something for everyone here and I really think if you enjoy books with angsty romance found families heist elements or mythology basedhistorical fantasy elements and setting YOU NEED TO READ THIS THIS IS THE END OF THE SPOILER FREE REVIEW SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MY SPOILER THOUGHTS AND READ ME SCREAM LETS TALK ABOUT SHIP FEELINGS AND HOW IM SUFFERINGThat ship folks when you know you KNOW and what I know is that if Roshani Chokshi had smashed me in the face with a spade it would have been less painful then what I just read OMFG I LOVE LAILA AND SEVERIN First of all how nice to have a ship with actual HISTORY Wow that is refreshing I was so bored of the meet cute now they need to kiss in the next three hundred pages it s boring and kills tension I loved their dynamic like omg how everytime she comes into the room Severin is SHOOK And that scene where she s dancing Wow I died AND OM THE END We re gonna get the shares a bed trope I m living I loved how mature they seemed to like it was nice to have a couple that had had sex and it isn t this Big Dramatic Thing Like ok it is but not bc they think sex is dramatic but because of all the Other Stuff happening Urgh their dynamic kills me I love them Everytime they had a scene together I was screaming ALSO ALL OF SEVERINS THOUGHTS AND JOKES ABOUT SLEEPING WITH HER LORD Laila and Severin the angsty ship to end all others Like thanks Roshani for murdering me I love itOKAY THE END I definitely think Severin has to be part of the Fallen House for sure which is interesting I wonder if there is gonna be like an anti hero plot or something for him I kinda hope not but I feel it Could happen And it may be interesting if it did Also Tristan I was soo shook with the bird thing at the end Idk how to feel about him now I think I definitely need to reread and pay attention to him I am definitely interested to see what else comes about him in the next books FINALLY HYPNOSZOFIAENRIUE I kinda liked Hypnos and Enriue but also I m hoping for a polyam ship But urgh when Zofia saw them kissing my heart broke for her But Hypnos is my MANS I would really die for him so whatever makes him happy I m on bored for it And I just liked his dynamic with Enriue throughout the whole book lmao OKAY IF U HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT IN THE COMMENTS LETS GO IM READY

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