[Larry Miller] Spoiled Rotten America [world of darkness Book] Ebook

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  • Spoiled Rotten America
  • Larry Miller
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  • 14 June 2018
  • 9780060819088

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Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Larry Miller Spoiled Rotten America Summary ´ 100 Like Kofi Annan Larry Miller is one of the most irresistible comic personalities working today Known for years as an actor writer comedian and sexual pioneer he's gained a new following as a cultural commentator and freuent guest on political shows Now in Spoiled Rotten America he fixes his gaze on what's funny about our daily lives which includes roughly speaking everything From middle aged drinking When you're in your twenties you can drink all night and bungee jump off a bridge the next day If I drank all night I'd want to go off that br. In the not so distant past I was a big fan of Adam Carolla I never missed a podcast and found thorough enjoyment in every episode Fast forward to the present and I ve had a bit of a falling out with Mr Carolla We don t see eye to eye on politics and I unfortunately opted to cut his show out of my life Nevertheless I will always have fond memories of a show that I hold uite dear One of these memories is Larry Miller A freuent guest and contributor to the podcasts as well as syndicated radio told you I was a fan Larry Miller was always a high point in the program I bought this book and almost immediatelyset it on the shelf and forgot about itNow here we are To set the scene Larry Miller is a comedian and this is a comedy book With that said this book isn t all laughs There were touching sentimental moments and a couple that were downright sad The chapter on racism was especially poignant and brought me to tears something that a book can practically NEVER do I credit the many years listening to Miller on radio because it illustrated that he is a genuinely nice good person Hearing his voice as I read the stories only added an element of fondness for meI try to review books objectively and I do my best to reserve five star ratings for those that are so excellent or compelling that they change my outlook on life This is one such book After finishing it I read a few of the other reviews and I can see where they re coming from with their lamentations of mediocrity Some folks expecting wall to wall laughs were disappointed by anecdotes that were both tangential and unusual I can understand their perspective For me this was truly an honest work that mixed humor with subtle revelations of the heart someone with a good heart I might addThis isn t War and Peace nor is it something that necessitates dropping what one s doing to read I seriously debated making copies of one particular section to share with my girlfriend but opted out at the last minute This doesn t happen often I m grateful to have found this book and I regret waiting so long to read it Maybe it will only speak to fans but I think there is something in it for everyone who is willing to go into it without expectations Love it hate it or meh this was a great book for me and I m grateful that I had the chance to enjoy it

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Spoiled Rotten America

Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Larry Miller Spoiled Rotten America Summary ´ 100 Idge without the cord to the excesses of our eating habits This is why the world hates us the size of the portions we order Thank God they've never shown us eating on Al Jazeera that would be the end of it Miller finds the silver lining of absurdity within every black cloudUltimately though Spoiled Rotten America is than just the average yukfest It's an insightful and surprisingly heartfelt plea for us to notice what's best and worst about ourselves The American pendulum only swings to extremes he writes The news is on all day but we know l. It s been almost a year since I started this book and after getting about 13 of the way through I put it down and didn t pick it up again until a few days ago I thoroughly enjoyed the first 13 the essays really reflected the title a slice of our spoiled and outrages lives as Americans as a society but then Mr Miller went into personal stories and it got away from the reason that I was reading the book in the first place The stories weren t bad but I hadn t planned on reading The Life and Times of Larry Miller

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Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß Larry Miller Spoiled Rotten America Summary ´ 100 Ess and less; there's music in every mall but we don't hear it; everyone has a phone but nothing to say The chubbiest of us have the strictest diets because we can't learn to modulate and moderate It's all or nothing One bite of a cookie and suddenly you're on a plane to Vegas with a hooker To the Cranky Nitpickers of America a club I'd join in a second if I weren't already its president it's long been understood that the world is going to Hell in a handbasketWhat better time for a collection of seventeen comic essaysWhat better time indeed. I ve always liked Larry Miller both in stand up and his character roles in films His scenes in Pretty Woman are still my favorite Now after reading these essays I like him even Not only is he funny he is so grounded and rationalI found myself agreeing with his rants throughout this bookI look forward to Larry Miller 2 The uickening read the second essay to get the reference