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James McClure ☆ 0 Free download Snake by James McClure Free download ë 100 Lieutenant Kramer and Sergeant Zondi have their hands full On the same day that an adult entertainer known as Eve is found accidentally strangled to death in her dressing room her pet python wrapped dead around her neck a beloved candy shop owner named Lucky Siyayo is shot to death at his counter in a botched robbery The detective duo uickly realize neither death is as simple as it looks on the surface Lucky Siyayo's cash register. Set in South Africa this police procedural published in 1979 solves the murder of an exotic dancer whose gimmick is a boa constrictor in her green room Two white and black homicide cops Kramer and Zondi dig to unearth the guilty culprit Set during the Apartheid era the racist attitudes are off putting but it was also a condition of the times The liberal use of dialogue also includes slang and I encountered a little difficulty following the plotline Even so the prose style is top notch and setting gritty There s a dry sense of humor popping up every so often that I liked South African McClure died in 2006 won the CWA Silver and Gold Daggers so he s a recognized crime novelist as well he should be

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Snake by James McClure

James McClure ☆ 0 Free download Snake by James McClure Free download ë 100 Was all but empty the day he was murdered which suddenly throws a whole rash of fatal neighborhood robberies into perspective were none of them robberies at all It becomes clear a killer is on the loose but Zondi and Kramer must figure out what the killer is after Meanwhile postmortem analysis reveals that Eve didn't die at the time her ex boss had stated he'd discovered her body; the Kramer picks the circumstances apart the less. Another excellent mystery set in Apartheid era South Africa Zondi keeps getting independent and cheekier with the other white officers Hopefully that doesn t come back to bight him in the ass one day I find these stories taking place in South Africa interesting because the setting is so alien to Americans yet familiar enough that you can still empathize with the characters and predict grand scale outcomesI like the interactions between Kramer and Zondi They work well together Kramer seems to not really care about pissing off his superiors kind of like Zondi doesn t mind talking back to the whites as long as the bad guy gets caught in the end I also like that Kramer and the widow finally got a place of their ownThe initial crime wasn t that hard to figure out The crime in the black area with the robberies was uite unexpected The information about the boa was interesting as wellThe eBook was formatted well with no obvious spellinggrammatical errors I do wish there was a distinct separation between scenes though It s just an extra blank line so it s sometime difficult to tell what s going on if you miss the extra white space

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James McClure ☆ 0 Free download Snake by James McClure Free download ë 100 They make sense With two very different sets of crimes to solve Kramer and Zondi set off on treks that take them all over town from the poorer villages to the sleazy dressing rooms of con artists and pimps to gorgeous steop of the South African countryside in another surefire investigation full of both stirring observations of Apartheid and plenty of mischief Only one thing is for sure no one is getting to take his day off this wee. Set in Apartheid South Africa it is the investigation of the murder of an exotic dancer and a series of robberies I have to admit I had trouble with the whole system of Apartheid and it distracted from the story

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