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Summary Slayer AUTHOR Kiersten White Kiersten White É 4 Read & Download Read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Kiersten White E Watcher’s Council Nina has never embraced the violent Watcher lifestyle Instead she follows her instincts to heal carving out a place for herself as the school medicUntil the day Nina’s life changes foreverThanks to Buffy the famous and infamous Slayer that Nina’s father died protecting Nina is not only the newest Chosen One she’s the last Slayer ever PeriodAs Nina hone. Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck this book Fuck This BookYou know what I was ready to forgive the whiny bullshit fucking bratty and just plain OOF fucking characters in this book as well as the fact that this fucking garbage read like a middle grade novel with whiny fucking characters that act 12 but then Kiersten pulled that shit at the end and I m just Done Good fucking night I want to snap the neck of every character in this trash ass fuckin book and then scream I can t believe I wasted three days on this horrendous garbage when I could have been reading something so much better Anyways I can t tell you what this book is about because uhhhhh I forgot and it s only been a day oops LMAO Ig that should say something about this book It s forgetful and irrelevant and I m not wasting any energy on this shit trying to remember what it s about But what i DO remember is that it was an extremely slow build up to the most disappointing ridiculous awful and just super DISAPPOINTING ending to ever exist and i m still so mad about it and i cannot believe that happened at the end y all oh my god anyways let s talk about why this book got two stars instead of negative three stars 1 Rhys was such a pure ball of sunshine and also my only mood Rhys leans close peering curiously I haven t read that volume He sounds jealousRhys says with genuine hurt There are books I didn t know about i fucking love him oh my god 2 Rhys and Cillian are the cutest couple and I would 1110 give my kidney up for them3 I remember being somewhat engrossed into the plot but couldn t enjoy it when the characters were being unbelievably STUPID like literally so fucking stupidwhich brings me to the reason i can t stand anyone in this bookso i m not sure if these are spoilers or not i really don t think this is a spoiler but here s a warning just in case because i don t want you easily triggered put that small irrelevant fuckin detail in a spoiler tag you bitch you spoiled it for us type of people to come me so UHH SPOILER WARNINGCAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW ATHENA HELD A THREE YEAR FUCKIN GRUDGE OVER SOMEONE FINDING HER POETRY WHEN SHE WAS THIRTEEN AND READING IT IN FRONT OF HER CRUSH Honora the stupid meann rude and just piece of shit bitch read out her poetry and i get that it s embarrassing and you wanna slaughter this bitch but like sweety it s been three years maybe you should GET OVER IT and move the fuck onshe keeps bringing up some stupid childhood shit up three years after it happened and honestly it s pathetic and irrelevant and can you stop fuckin so pathetic and deadass move the fuck on because you deadass have important things to worry about than someone reading your poetry when you were a kid this shit was repeated so many times in the book i got sick of it like please stop at this point i m glad that happened to you and Honora the one who did this to our poor lil Athena is also such a shitty person like deadass what makes you want to be such a shitty person sweety stop that shit ain t cute these kids are supposed to be 16 and 19 yet they dead read off as 12 year olds this has such a middle grade feeling to it and again i m mad because i went into this thinking it was young adultand Kiersten deadass used words like butthead i think it was fricking and other made up 12 year old curse words instead of actual fucking curse and it s like hello y all are not 12 teenagers know what fuck shit bitch dick asshole fucker mother fucker dickhead and a variety of other words I probably should not say ARE use those words instead of butthead it physically annoyed me to read the word BUTTHEAD LMAO like wtf His concern is so genuine that I feel like the worst person in the world Because you are BITCHanyways this book has me feeling and i won t stop feeling like ever I want this book to slay me ha see what I did there someone please laughbuddy read with Solomon

Summary Slayer AUTHOR Kiersten WhiteSlayer AUTHOR Kiersten White

Summary Slayer AUTHOR Kiersten White Kiersten White É 4 Read & Download Read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Kiersten White S her skills with her Watcher in training Leo there’s plenty to keep her occupied a monster fighting ring a demon who eats happiness a shadowy figure that keeps popping up in Nina’s dreamsBut it’s not until bodies start turning up that Nina’s new powers will truly be tested because someone she loves might be nextOne thing is clear Being Chosen is easy Making choices is ha. THE REVIEW IS POSTED AND SPOILER FREE I m so relieved right now that I can just sit down and review this book because I had been very busy with final examinations and assignment for the past few weeks phewokay let s the review begins My Opinion Time I have watched some of the episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and while I am not really a fan of BtVS I still like BtVS It s really fun to watch and funny even though I did not know much about Btvs I was still excited to read this book Moreover that cover sort of looked spookey and compelled me to read it So I was in reading slump when I read this book and let me tell you that I that I am so grateful to read this book and also to Ms White because this book totally SLAYED my reading slump However I cannot give this book than 3 stars because while I am grateful the book saved me from reading slump the book was not amazing Like the kind of amazement that leaves you gaping and grins or clap your hands or hug the book But still it was pretty good though The Plot The plot was fun to read and this book was action packed which what I needed at that time when reading slump hit me The book was filled with adventures and they were pretty exhilarating to read So I didn t have time to be bored while reading it because I actually did not have the time to do it and the book simply did not give a chance of a boring moment Every moments in the book were interesting and made me curious and uestioning everything The pacing was slow and it did not rush anything It s like every moments took their own times in the book but they did not drag on though The pacing was just perfect and I had nothing to complain about it There were also some references of Buffy and some characters that I knew from BtVS and I honestly got so excited when I read those references because strangely it kinda felt nostalgic for me like they were old friends of mine even though I ve only watched some of the BtVS episodes and not all The Characters and The Romance You know I would totally give this book 4 stars without batting an eye IF ONLY I could like the main character s So first of all Nina is the main character Even though I did not have any connection to her and I just felt like I was merely reading without feeling anything she was a sort of refreshing character So it s not like she suddenly became kickass heroine Sometimes she was clueless and did not know what to do but it did not mean she was hopeless There were also times when she knew what to do So it s refreshing you know to read this kind of character The kind of character that also has vulnerability and also strength at the same time BUT again I did not have any connection to her and she did not really get me excited AND DON T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON LEO That guy was one dimensional character He lacked personalities and I don t know what else to say He bored me so much and he made me want to cry tears of boredom How could a character be this boring and just not memorable and I could not feel any spark of romance between Nina and him The romance was just bland and lack of intensity or some kind of bond that I could feel It s pretty sad because I was hoping that I would love their romance But thankfully there were characters that I liked They were Artemis and Honora Artemis was not really a remarkable character but she s a good sister to her twin sister Nina and she loved Nina very much and I admit that Honora could irk me a bit because she could be pretty annoying but Honora s relationship with Artemis was so sweet and I could feel their feelings and love for each other There was a scene that made me so soft in the inside and made me sueal I wish I could see their interactions Basically I LOVED their relationship Oh and I also liked Rhys and Cillian They made me laugh and this couple made me smile several times because I was happy for them and the love for each other was palpable These characters made the book fun to read and made feel this warmth every time I read them If you haven t read this book I think you should give it a try because it s a pretty exciting book and if you re a fan of Buffy then I think you ll feel very nostalgic when you read it Thank you very much for reading this review and liking it I hope you all have an amazing day I am literally resentful with the fact that reading slump hits me while I m on holidays However this book sounds action packed and awesome Just like what I need at the moment Hopefully this book will SLAY my reading slump

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Summary Slayer AUTHOR Kiersten White Kiersten White É 4 Read & Download Read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook É Kiersten White Into every generation a Slayer is bornNina and her twin sister Artemis are far from normal It’s hard to be when you grow up at the Watcher’s Academy which is a bit different from your average boarding school Here teens are trained as guides for Slayers girls gifted with supernatural strength to fight the forces of darkness But while Nina’s mother is a prominent member of th. UPDATE 199 Kindle US 6219This book was everything I hoped for and I m so excited for the rest of the series The references to Buffy and Giles were so perfect and I love this new cast of characters I m so damn happy I hope all the Buffy fans enjoy this book Happy Reading Mel MY BLOGMY