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Read Siren's Call 100 Ure a man into dangerous waters where Alexander of Athens would willingly drown He abducted Phaedra as a prelude to battle then tempted her with his raw virili. I read most of this while on a very lengthy train ride and it kept me interested throughout Set mainly in Athens at a time when war was imminent and then upon the people s of Sparta and Athens I felt it gave me a better understanding of the time period The author was initially inspired to right it by a course she was taking at the Naval War College As part of the course she had to write a paper on international strategies for maritime states One of her sources was a detailed work on the battles between Athens and Sparta and this research shows in the battle scenes included in the book Yes it is a love story but the history shone through for me and was than I would typically expect to find in a romance novel

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Read Siren's Call 100 Ty and laughing blue eyes But yielding to this golden haired warrior would betray all that she was Yet to refuse his love would deny all that she was meant to. It took me forever to read this book it s not really bad and the hero is pretty great but I so couldn t get into the heroine s mind I absolutely can undertsand why she fell in love with Alexander but vice versa Phaedra starts to get likeable only at the very end of the book until then I found her completely annoying I know that might be historically correct Spartans aren t known for their sweet characters but I found it unnerving nonethelessThe sex scenes start great and then the lights go out Not really my favorite way of things in the books I m reading

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Read Siren's Call 100 She rose from the water like a nymph dressed only in sea foam and a wild mane of midnight hair This was Phaedra a daughter of Sparta a woman who could easily l. Like the men who are mesmerized by the sirens of myth I too was captivated by this bookPhaedra is a woman after my own heartShe has a fierce spirit and she comes off too strong for someBut Alexander knew how to handle her Phaedra is a Sparta woman through and through She will fight any man She believes in women s rights and has a wicked tongue if you get on her bad side which is uite often lolBut if you capture her heart she will be yours foreverCaptain Alexander son of Athens and his men were on a spying mission when they saw the lovely Phaedra aka Lady Thedis To keep the mission uiet Alexander decides to kidnap Phaedra It is a beautiful tale of how two people brought up so different can still find common ground and that common ground is Love for each other Is it a rose garden noDo they argue with each other oh yesBut I believe that even with this they calm each otherThey always have passion in their veins They understand each other t