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CHARACTERS Ship of the Damned

CHARACTERS Ship of the Damned C.Z. Dunn ß 0 SUMMARY SUMMARY ✓ Ship of the Damned She soon finds herself with far to contend with than the ignorance of children as plague zombies flood the decks and wreak bloody havoc on the faithful Trapped in the belly of. What makes Ship of the Damned uniue is the approach of the author While many of the short tales released together as a Legion of the Damned collection are directed towards open battlefields and combat this one looks away Taking place within a lone vessel isolated in the void of space it attempts to emphasise upon themes of horror than of battleA lone pilgrim ship is traversing through the Warp filled to the brim with the faithful and guided by a lone member of the Adeptus Sororiatas Order of the Fractured Cipher Agentha Despite remaining on good terms with the crew and the near fanatical devotion to the Sister Dialogus things soon prove to be far from well Drawn off course by a distress signal the vessel soon finds itself being overrun by a foe they cannot hope to combat However even as the ship is overrun talk of seeing mysterious black clad space marines continues among some passengers of the shipAlong with retaining an effective three act structure despite a very short page count the tale s benefit is that it tries to show events outside of conflict However brief it might be the beginning sections portray a very effective insight into how some of these pilgrim ships operate and just how monumental their task truly is Unlike what some portrayals would have these are generational vessels with much of their populace being born in the stars and few ever returning to their homeworld The idea of how driven these people are by their faith and the lengths they will go to is strongly impressed upon the reader as is the importance of a Sororitas to such faith While the tale does suffer from contradicting a few established ideas from books such as all pilgrim ships being non Warp capable and a skewed idea of numbers such as it only taking decades to go from system to system it gives a good portrayal of religious life A look into the Ecclesiarchy which isn t utterly driven by showing them in a positive or negative light showing the problems behind their attitudes while at the same time showing a few benefitsAlong with such a well handled portrayal the short story also manages to uickly introduce a decent ensemble of figures of the tale While none have especially deep in characterisation they are likable and varied enough to give life to the tale This manages to successfully keep the tale going and is successful enough to not let the lack of a face with the villains negatively affect the narrative By the time the bullets start flying everything is well established and it s almost enough to wish the novel had stuck with just showing life on board the vesselAll that said the fighting isn t that bad either While the characters witnessing the aftermath of fighting and the build up towards the villains is what makes it truly effective it does provide enough action to keep the story going It has the right moments to make the tale carry the vibe of a B movie horror flick or Hammer film and contains all the right story elements for anything in that general vibeWith all that said it s also with the combat that the story s critical problems become clear While he might be fine with structure C Z Dunn lacks the emotive terms and visceral descriptions which can make many other author s works so fun to read While it doesn t make his work dead or lifeless there s nothing so thrilling here as the combat seen in Dark Hollows of Memory Remorseless or even a massive number of tales beyond this short one This especially undermines the late involvement of the Legion While the tale was going for another arrives at the last second and saves the day approach their arrival and actions lack the emotion and real emphasis upon their actions to make them feel meaningful Instead we get perhaps a sentence a most with the rest of their involvement either being passed over or the pages interested in oddly vague descriptions of their natureAtop of the problem with the Legion s involvement a major mystery which it sets up is never really resolved While there are a few hints as to its true meaning it needed a little to really make its presence feel worthwhile Otherwise it s something which feels as if it s there purely as an excuse to fill out a few somewhat interesting pages and the Legion s sudden appearanceWhile Ship of the Damned has its problems it s still a decent read for a brief look through The main problem is the descriptive shortcomings when it comes to the author but he still manages to keep the tale interesting and engaging until the end While you probably won t read this one through than once or twice it s still a tale which will keep a person interested until it closes out Buy it if you re a Legion fan looking for something a bit different involving them but otherwise stick with the better tales of the collection

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CHARACTERS Ship of the Damned C.Z. Dunn ß 0 SUMMARY SUMMARY ✓ Ship of the Damned Far from home Sister Agentha travels aboard an ancient pilgrim vessel providing a sacred light in the vast darkness of the void However on answering a mysterious distress signal. This is a story about a woman protecting children a rarity in the macho world of Warhammer 40k fiction It is actually my favorite Sororitas portrayal even having read their entire omnibus and the new Bloodied Rose novella Agentha is compassionate yet also harsh and hardened by the realities of the horrifying universe in which she lives There is no light here no hope just a grim dilapidated ship of pilgrims limping its way through a galaxy beset on all sides by monsters and demons And that s before the plague zombies showed up

C.Z. Dunn ß 0 SUMMARY

CHARACTERS Ship of the Damned C.Z. Dunn ß 0 SUMMARY SUMMARY ✓ Ship of the Damned The ship with death on all sides Agentha’s only hope is a mysterious black object taken from a group of refugeesbut will it send help and what will be left of them when it doe. In Ship of the Damned Agentha grabs some transit on a somewhat dilapidated pilgrim ship named the Herald of Piety The opening pages detail which steps she has taken to streamline and upgrade worship services and education on this ship which has gone years without touching planetside and boasts an ever increasing population of voidborn Soon a cryptic distress call is picked up over the ship s antiuated vox Unfortunately by the time Agentha decodes it it is too late The Herald is already executing a boarding maneuver on the hailing ship and what it unleashes is horror from beyond the graveYou can read my full review of this short here