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  • Hardcover
  • 368
  • Set In Stone
  • Linda Newbery
  • English
  • 19 April 2019
  • 9780385751025

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review Set In Stone Set In Stone Summary Ô 9 Side down Linda Newbery has written a novel in diary style combining different voices and a different century with her usual brilliance and ease These are characters full of the same passions as our own today while living in an unfamiliar and fascinating time From the Hardcover editio. 45 stars I originally read Set in Stone back in High School and aside from the big reveal all I could remember was that I really enjoyed it Cut to a few years later in which I m purging my shelves I come across my old copy of Set in Stone for the purposes of re reading it seeing how I like it and determining whether it gets to stay on my shelves Needless to say it certainly does I enjoyed it immensely on my second journey I have seen a number complaints about this book particularly about how this book is too slow and boring I disagree I think that Set in Stone often gets mis genred or that people go into this novel expecting something else I was shocked to learn that this book won the Costa Children s Book of the Year Prize for 2006 not because it didn t deserve it it certainly did However I would not consider this a middle grade YA at best But honestly I found this book in the general fiction section with all the other adult books and I agree that is where it belongs due to some deeply disturbing revelations in this bookIf you go into this book thinking that this is a dark fantasy or in the vein of your other typical YA novel then you will be disappointed Set in Stone is very much a dark gothic mystery very very reminiscent of Wilkie Collins work like The Woman in White Therefore there are moments of self reflection and monologue and if you aren t accustomed to the pacing and flow of a lot of classics one would naturally find the pacing to be slow This book was enthralling this second go round With a somber and a eerie atmosphere Linda Newberry has constructed a tight and well crafted out plot with twists and reveals that got me again I must admit before rereading this book I forgot most of the details except for the main reveal and I found myself shocked with one sub plot reveal that I honestly did not see coming The only gripe I happen to have is that Samuel s musings and even Charlotte s can get a bit too much but this was sparingly It was a pleasure to go back to this read and I m glad I did so This has definitely deserved its spot on the shelf

review Set In Stone

Set In Stone

review Set In Stone Set In Stone Summary Ô 9 Agination and Juliana sensible and controlled Helped by their governess Charlotte Agnew Samuel begins to uncover slowly why Marianne is so emotionally fragile and in doing so uncovers a web of intrigue But his discoveries lead to revenge and betrayal and lives all around are turned up. Set in Stone is an amazing book Written in a beautiful and enchanting prose it weaves together events plot twists and ideas to ultimately come to a conclusion that nobody would ve expected The narrators are Samuel Godwin a young artist who is working as an art tutor at a country mansion named Fourwinds and Charlotte Agnew the governess of the two girls who live there The girls are sisters Juliana and Marianne and through them a fascinating and dark mystery is woven I can often predict the outcome of a mystery but in this case not so much Linda Newbery is a wonderful author and this book made me want to read her other novels

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review Set In Stone Set In Stone Summary Ô 9 When Samuel Godwin a young and naive art tutor accepts a job with the Farrow family at their majestic home little does he expect to come across a place containing such secrets and lies His two tutees are as different as can be younger sister Marianne full of flightiness and nervous im. Set in Stone is a big book Astutely written with a fine eye for period detail it s set on the edge of the twentieth century it s a complex and exhausting page turner full of emotion turmoil and psychological revelationsWritten very much in a style reminiscent of Wilkie Collins it is the tale of Samuel Godwin an artist on his way to accept a new position He is to be the tutor to Juliana and Marianne daughters of a wealthy man Ernest Farrow and live with the family in their fine home Fourwinds Fourwinds holds secrets It s not long until Samuel finds himself obsessed with figuring out what they may be This journey of discovery is joined by the governess to the sisters Charlotte who is also resident at Fourwinds and also has secrets of her own This is a very big book The scope of what it covers is huge and it reminded me a lot of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier There s a similarly high sense of melodrama gothic horror and psychologically devastating revelations throughout both textsSet In Stone is full of secrets Dense twisting life wrecking secrets and many of these are of a very adult nature It s complicated and occasionally hard to read if you re not familiar with this style I struggled at points and needed to reread a few sections in order to catch up Ultimately Set In Stone is one of those books that it s very hard to tear yourself away from You re left with the strange near voyeuristic sensation that it wasn t just Charlotte and Samuel who grew obsessed with discovering the secrets held in this family and building it was you as well It s a curious and discomforting way to finish a book and one that I think is a mark of its dark allure