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SUMMARY Ripped How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music 107 In this new world bands aren't just musicmakers but self contained multimedia businesses; and fans aren't just consumers but distributors and even collaboratorsAs the Web popularized bands and albums that previously would have been relegated to obscurity innovative artists from Prince to Death Cab for Cutie started coming up with and stumbling into alternative ways of getting their music out to fans Live music took on an even significant role TV shows and commercials emerged as great places to hear new tunes Sample based composition and mash ups leapfrogged. In honor of the recent Grammy week in LA we thought it would be a good time to touch base with Greg Kot s recent book Ripped How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music Kot the music critic for the Chicago Tribune and co host of the syndicated radio show Sound Opinions chronicles all the major events of the past decade relating not so much to the so called decline of the music business but the way in which smart and clever artists have made new and interesting uses of the technology that some would say is at the root of the problem for the music business Ripped is the first book that we ve seen that covers nearly all of the major developments in the techmusic revolution and does so without the often veiled accusations and pejorative tone that surrounds much of the discussion of the decade not once for example does he say record labels missed the boat by not embracing Napster Instead Kot sheds light on numerous examples from Prince s free CD in the UK s Daily Mail to Radiohead s pay what you like album In Rainbows to DJ Danger Mouse s banned Gray Album to the sample based act Girl Talk that give rise to an alternative way of getting music to an enthusiastic audience using an array of new tools and interesting conceptsAlong the way we get the backstory of webzines like Pitchfork the rise of bands like Death Cab for Cutie and Arcade Fire and a treasure trove of ideas to build upon for expanding music s influence into the futureWhile Kot s POV is definitely Chicago and midwest centric there s little serious mention of Silicon Valley or companies like imeem iLike ReverbNation or Artist Direct save the Lily AllenYouTube and U2iPod references Ripped serves as the best compendium to date of the keystones of the disruptive culture embraced by the alternative music community A serious must read for anyone who makes their living in recorded music today particularly those at the top

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SUMMARY Ripped How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music 107 A decade ago the vast majority of mainstream music was funneled through a handful of media conglomerates Now people are listening to music from a greater variety of sources than at any time in history And big corporations such as Viacom Clear Channel and Sony are no longer the sole gatekeepers and distributors their monopoly busted by a revolution an uprising led by bands and fans networking on the Internet Ripped tells the story of how the laptop generation created a new grassroots music industry with the fans and bands rather than the corporations in charge. Greg Kot examines the role of the Internet in bringing the consumer ie the music listener back into the picture in the music industry over the past decade As broadband Internet has become prevalent access to music either via download or streaming media has become easier but not without a price the RIAA s reluctance outright hostility really towards embracing the Internet forced fans to seek alternate routes towards acuiring music that was already too expensive in traditional format the meteoric rise of Napster bore fruit to hundreds of other file sharing browsers The RIAA s ridiculous archaic stance also forced artists from their own labels to seek alternate routes in distributing their own music The most eye popping example was Radiohead releasing In Rainbows via the Internet without the help or funding from a record label and allowing fans to name their download priceWhile Kot admirably paints the struggles of both the artists and the fans to regain control of music he fails to document the downside to this so called revolution As brilliant a strategy as Radiohead s In Rainbows distribution was it could have easily blown up in their face it took a tremendous leap of faith for the band to commit an entire album in this fashion but the conseuences did exist and should have been clearly noted Kot also fails to document how every revolution in music bears unintended fruit the DIY status of music and making it readily available for immediate consumption doesn t guarantee success for every struggling artists carving their niche on various social networking sites you ve got other artists like Lady Gaga and Soulja Boy who while orginating online have become yet another disposable product of the RIAA s Public Relations Machine Overall it s an interesting read but it would have served both the subjects and the book s readers a thorough analysis and prognosis regarding the future of wired music

SUMMARY Ripped How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music

SUMMARY Ripped How the Wired Generation Revolutionized Music 107 Ahead of the industry's and the law's ability to keep up with them Then in 2007 Radiohead released an album exclusively on the Internet and allowed customers to name their own price including 000 Radiohead's it's up to you marketing coup seized on a concept the old music industry had forgotten the customer is always rightNational radio host and critically acclaimed music journalist Greg Kot masterfully chronicles this story of how we went from 1799 to 000 in less than a decade It's a fascinating tale of backward thinking forward thinking and the power of musi. Greg Kot s new book examines the role of king maker as the music industry shifts from local radio to the age of Clear Channel to the MP3 era with a clear time line a mix of public knowledge and behind the scenes interviews and an optimistic view of American music s future for a concise overview of 21st century music trendsKot is at his best when talking about the emergence of Wilco and Arcade Fire two bands that benefited greatly from early internet exposure The chapter detailing the rise of Pitchfork magazine and how its grassroots approach to music reviews transformed it from an indy sensation to internet voice of power shows the double edged sword which is the pluralistic voice of the netI could have done without the rehash of Napster s rise and fall since it has little new information to an old subject Ditto with commentaries on Metallica and Steve Jobs One piece of info left out is how American Idol s online voting is affecting the buying habits of consumers and directing the future of pop music marketingIf you re wondering why some bands especially banal ones continue to get massive airplay and internet pushes curious where the next big thing is coming from or how in the hell a small time indy band turn big overnight Ripped is a good place to start reading