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  • 14 October 2017
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Summary Receiver of Many Hades Persephone #1

Summary Receiver of Many Hades Persephone #1 Receiver of Many Hades Persephone #1 Free download ☆ 9 Rachel Alexander ✓ 9 characters N one of solitude in the somber land of the dead the God of the Underworld he lives without attachments eternally governing the souls of mortals But he dreams of the young goddess who was promised to be his wife and knows it is time for his Kingdom to have a ueen When Hades arrives to cl. I have loved you and only you for forty thousand years And I will love you and only you until the stars are shaken out of the sky Beautiful ethereal and enchanting Receiver of Many was a lyrical and romantic tale that made my heart ache The timeless love story of Hades and Persephone has always intrigued and captivated me But there are very few retellings of their story and the number of well written retellings even fewer I never uite found one that accurately portrayed their characters as I had envisioned them in my head But then I encountered this book To my delight this book was a traditional version of the original tale expanding on Hades and Persephone s history and life together This is the story I have been searching for for years Receiver of Many was stunningly written highlighting Persephone s transformation from an innocent maiden goddess into the formidable ueen of the Underworld while still capturing the poignant and heartfelt romance between her and Hades Persephone s character development was truly well written and nuanced She started out as helpless Kore insecure and uncertain of herself but then she slowly grew into confident intelligent Persephone who took no nonsense from anyone It was a lovely experience reading about Persephone s journey of self discovery and one of my favorite things about the bookHades otherwise known as Aidoneus or Aidon and Persephone s romance was ardent and wild and so all consuming that it gave me chills Sparks flew nonstop between the two of them and their chemistry was explosive and undeniable It was so ferocious that it made my heart ache with its intensity I just wanted these two souls to be happily and blissfully together after all the obstacles Fate had thrown in their relationship Hades was so unbearably sweet and understanding to Persephone with her the formidable cold facade fell and he let down all the walls surrounding his heart Watching Persephone slowly come to trust and love him was a beautiful thing When one day I chanced upon this song I just thought immediately Hades and Persephone It s almost as if this song was written for them it fits their connection perfectly In fact I was so dazed and inspired by the love they shared that I m making a music playlist I ll probably be updating this review when I finished compiling itI Knew I Loved You Savage GardenHades obvious adoration of Persephone and the way he cherished her how can I ever put into words how much this enthralled me Tears of pure emotion were trickling down my cheeks and I couldn t resist them at all image error

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Receiver of Many Hades Persephone #1

Summary Receiver of Many Hades Persephone #1 Receiver of Many Hades Persephone #1 Free download ☆ 9 Rachel Alexander ✓ 9 characters Persephone's life has been one of leisure among the verdant fields the maiden of flowers sheltered by her mother the Harvest Goddess Demeter Now she is a woman a goddess in her own right yearning for freedom even as the terms of an ancient pact are about to come due Hades's life has bee. I read this story when it was still ongoing and every chapter kept me hooked and wanting to read It could be said that for a time it was the only reason I was able to wake up early to go to work on WednesdaysI love the way the story is told the descriptions are clear and the characters make you love them or hate them depending on their role and the situation In conclusion and keeping in mind that I ve been a fan of that specific pair for years I consider Receiver of Many one of the best stories I ve ever read about them I highly recommend it and I actually did to a couple of friends in order to spread the loveCan t wait for the published version

Rachel Alexander ✓ 9 characters

Summary Receiver of Many Hades Persephone #1 Receiver of Many Hades Persephone #1 Free download ☆ 9 Rachel Alexander ✓ 9 characters Aim his betrothed he finds a young goddess eager to unearth her divine potential and a powerful mother unwilling to let go Receiver of Many begins an erotic story of passion and possession duty and desire and a struggle that threatens both ancient Greece and the Realm of the Dead itself. DNF 50%I can t do it no matter how hard I tryI m a sucker for mythology and I enjoy my erotica but Receiver of Many doesn t do it for me Not as an adult book and not for its story Trigger warning for rapeI know the Greek gods were bastards and they liked to take whomever they wanted and it still pains me to read about rape Ok I get it why Hades had to take Persephone the way he did but that poor nymph didn t deserve what she got The scene itself is not very explicit but it was enough to make my stomach churn I like my sexy times to be of mutual consent Even Hades could have chosen a different way Non consensual sex is not my thing Also the point Hades and Persephone reached in their relationship makes it harder for me to continue Their last intimate moment up until 50% is hard to digest I don t really understand how anyone could feel sex would be a good thing in a moment like thatSo nope Can t do it