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Punishment Enema

Punishment Enema summary ë 108 Ster orders him into the bathroom he's not sure what to expect but. As punishment books go this is one that focuses on the pain and humiliation Jamie the slave feels when his Master punishes him He knows what he has done wrong and he regrets it so he totally accepts the punishment The Master isn t very loving at all which goes with the harshness of treating Jamie This makes for a very credible method of correcting bad behaviorIf you re looking for the harsher side of a Masterslave relationship you may like this short story

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Punishment Enema summary ë 108 Jamie has disobeyed his Master's orders one too many times When Ma. The title says it all This was just a one scene story I read it really uickly and at the end I was thinking that I may have enjoyed a full story about this master and his slave

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Punishment Enema summary ë 108 He knows it wont be pleasantContains enema play spanking anal sex. 35 stars Its important to know that this book focuses on a Masterslave relationship not just a Ds one I know the book is centered on an enema session but I think the sex itself could have used some beefingno pun intended