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Summary ½ Pimp ur Blog Episode Two Pimp ur Blog #2 109 At have helped their blogs and eBooks gain and maintain a position in Google’s search results Pimp ur Blog Episode Two Increase Search Results with Articles and Feeds is a one hour readThe authors start Episode Two with a discussion of some aspects of engaging their audience They then cover technical details of the software they use such as the Secondary Submissions and Article Submissions features which offer jumps in capabilities for re. Pimp Ur Blog Episode twoBy Paul Rice and Messie JessieBeing an Author who has multiple Social Networking Blogs myselfI have to say that this book was Spot On sonrisaI Love the way Paul Rice and Messie Jessie broke down their analogies through many views and examples to help their Readers Paul Rice and Messie Jessie truly have peeked interest first and far most with their Chosen Snazzy Titleand then when you Enter the reading Realm of this Amazingly Informative book and its contents you are truly drawn in with Helpful Knowledge Awed Wonder that uickly jump starts the process within your mind Generating ideas that can and will help your Blogging on a personal and professional aspectThis is A Must Read for Anyone wanting to truly receive the Most Productivity while Increasing uality and Search Results with Articles and Feeds out of their Blogging Generating return traffic to your Blog that will stand the test if time PRAISE and 5 STARS for Pi

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Summary ½ Pimp ur Blog Episode Two Pimp ur Blog #2 109 “A must read for any serious blogger wanting to draw traffic and make a meaningful impact It was well written and extremely informative” Suzie Carr Author “Kudos to Paul and Messie for a well written episode that is both informative and useful Can’t wait for Episode 3” Daniel A Adams AuthorPaul Rice and Messie Jessie continue to demonstrate powerful techniues in this second eBook in the Pimp ur Blog series They show the methods th. Pimp Ur Blog Episode 2 Increase Search Results with Articles and Feeds Improve Your Blogs VisibilityAuthor Paul Rice and Messie JessieRating 4 of 5Format Kindle PaperbackOnce authors Paul Rice and Messie Jessie share their tips and experience on how to promote and increase your blogs visibility by employing various SEO techniues In this episode Rice builds on the learning they gained using IMAutomator and the benefits upgrading to IMAutomator Pro provides Rice is a master at research and experimentation and he shares with readers the different techniues he has tried with this software how to use the article submission and secondary features provided and their resulting successes including the number of submissions accepted the subseuent links created and how long the links remain active and his tricks to keeping them active longer The authors styles are complimentary keeping what could have been a dry recitation of information interesting by injecting in anecdotes of why they write

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Summary ½ Pimp ur Blog Episode Two Pimp ur Blog #2 109 Aders to locate the authors' work and connect with the readers' interestsOne of the highlights of Part 1 – Finding and Engaging Our Audience is the RSS Feeds topic where the authors explore how the interactions of blog technologies and social media produce Google search results Episode Two concludes with information on how the authors' approach of dividing Episode One into a series of blog posts has benefited from these powerful techniues. If you d like to take your blog to the next level and gain followers then you ve got to read this book It gives you instructions on how to submit you blog to social bookmarking sites and feeds that will help you gain a higher position on the search engine sites gain visibility on the internet and gain followers It is a good read for both author and blogger alike I recommend it to anyone who is trying to build their platform on the internet

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