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  • Paperback
  • 368
  • Picture Palace
  • Paul Theroux
  • English
  • 02 September 2018
  • 9780140050721
Picture Palace

Picture Palace Free read í 7 E New York Times Book ReviewProfound and effective not to mention entertaining For all the peculiar brilliance of its surface Picture Palace is a novel whose depths you can drown in Absolutely brilliant Christopher Lehmann Haupt The New York TimesDazzling audacious altogether captivating The Philadelphia Inuire. Awful theme awful protagonist awful inscrutable interior dialog Could not finish

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Picture Palace Free read í 7 World famous photographer Maude Coffin Pratt has pointed her lens at the beautiful obscure and obscene and at the private places and public parts of the famous from Gertrude Stein to Graham Greene When the seventy year old Maude rummages through her archives in preparation for a triumphant retrospective the res. I can never forget Maude and how she made me feel She suffered in mind so much Treated like a black sheep in her family Considered herself ugly and the writer s lack of being vivid in describing her appearance was sort of a purposeful absence You just know how she and other feels and react to her looks but you cant picture her Then this god damn love triangle and unreuited love she feels with her own siblings which is result of her own plotting leaves her sort of abandoned and forgotten Any woman would have died out of lovesickness yet her mind never stops her indulging herself in dark humour for her it s like 19th century MEMES and creating concepts of perspective and photography NO DOUBT IT S HER SENSE OF HUMOUR AND PHOTOGRAPHY MAKES HER LIVE WAY AHEAD OF TIME AS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER Just as in lack of words or silence there is expression her comprehension of blindness leads to another dimension of vision What you cant see but uou can hearsmell and feel explain a picture than what you can see

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Picture Palace Free read í 7 Urrected images unleash a flood of suppressed memories of her extraordinary life her celebrated subjects and the dark painful secret at the core of her existenceTheroux's superbly crafted elegantly controlled novel Washington Post Book ReviewVibrant and compellingPaul Theroux at his satirical best Anne Tyler Th. Bill Central patron August 2019 3 starsA novel about a woman photographer I wasn t thrilled with the plot but the author s creative use of the English language was wonderful One example The spikes of mist began to lift on the crewcut marshes and revealed in flecks of escaping light nature s frostbitten eyesores