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Iyabo Ojikutu ò 7 Download Free read Ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ò Iyabo Ojikutu Review Permanent Happiness Another book about happiness What does this one have to say that we all have not heard before And is happiness really an achievable state of being We never stop craving happiness It is the world's most sought after feeling and emotion As we wake up each morning we do so hoping to find happiness in all that we experience whether we are consciously aware of this d. This book is clearly written from a personal place of deep introspection with a desire to improve the lives of others The author creates a salient metaphor for achieving balance in life and shares from many of her own life experiences Where this book might fall short for some readers is in its desire to be appreciated by every kind of reader Though the opening chapter declares this isn t meant to be a religious book there is a continual reference to a male God This may make it difficult for readers of faiths outside of monotheism or who believe in a female Goddess to relate The text also denounces witchcraft which doesn t make this an ideal read for Wiccans and other similar religions But religion isn t the only issue at play At times the text oversimplifies complex issues like systemic poverty obesity and mental illness Although there is some helpful discussion about nutrition and the danger of disordered eating on both ends of the spectrum which I appreciated Overall this book is written through a cisgendered heteronormative able bodied conservative lens And those are the types of readers who will get the most inspiration out of this book It s impossible for one book to connect with everyone As the author mentions we all have different giftsHowever the writing style is pleasant The tone is conversational and it is obvious the author has a strong and vibrant personality

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Iyabo Ojikutu ò 7 Download Free read Ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ò Iyabo Ojikutu Review Permanent Happiness Esire or not We do of course find happiness at different points and phases in our lives The problem is this situational happiness tends to be short lived We are happy for a few days and then fall back into anxiety sadness andor worry Permanent Happiness outlines three easy steps to pursuing permanent happiness It tackles key life situations we encounter during o. Be sure to check out my blog post for this book herePeace is permanent happinessHappiness is good but is not enough Peace is good and is enoughThe first couple sentences are alone profound They not only give you several things to think about but a clear idea of what the rest of the pages contain Peace and happiness are things everyone basically hopes to achieve someday in their lives rightIn this book Dr Ojikutu writes clearly as she explains her ideas on how to achieve both While the ideas seem somewhat echoed from other self help authors and gurus of personal health her way of writing about each area is simple and said in ways I d certainly never heard before At several points I found myself simply staring into space pondering the things she d written feeling at peace simply for having processed the suggested outlook and mentalityInstead of a book filled with personal anecdotes and stories that rarely apply to many other people as most of the books in this genre seem to feature this book focuses on the goal of achieving those first two lines It stays on point focuses on the reader and connects each area of an individual s life in a way that makes it clear how to become balanced and peaceful therefore achieving happiness Even for those who believe they are happy there are probably things you could gain from this that would flip your mentality a bit and improve your current state of beingI m honestly not one for self help literature They ve never been my area of interest and aside from Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul when I was in high school I ve never looked into reading one out of personal desire When approached to review this one I was skeptical but thought it may be beneficial to others who enjoy the genre therefore worthwhile I am glad I agreed because it s given me a bit to think about and a new way of looking at my own personal health in ways I didn t realize I needed to I am thankful to have had the opportunity to experience this book and definitely recommend it to anyone seeking peace happiness and general balance to the hectic chaotic mess we call lifeI was given a complimentary eCopy of this book from the author to read in exchange for an honest reviewRoseDesert Rose Reviews

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Iyabo Ojikutu ò 7 Download Free read Ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ò Iyabo Ojikutu Review Permanent Happiness Ur daily living and shows how to pursue peace and be positive influencers on those around us When our lives are in balance we discover we let go of the stress and worry that arise when life throws us curveballs Get ready to be challenged and inspired More importantly get ready to learn about and understand permanent happiness and peace from a different perspecti. No matter what the writer might claim to the contrary this self help book has a light religious slant There is also lot of commentary about spiritual and physical lines in this book which I had trouble focusing on because it put me in mind of hippies and palm readers I think she could have chosen another effective way to describe her system Even so Ms Ojikutu does make some salient points and she generally gives good common sense advice I nonetheless myself disagreeing with her on several different random issues I also disliked the repeated suggestions that I highlight certain passages Marked up books are a pet peeve of mine The random instances of bold and italicized text were likewise a bit distracting The book begins by describing how many people search for meaning in their lives Ms Ojikutu believes that what people end up getting out of their lives is the direct result of the energies they ve chosen to invest in it Individuals must focus on having positive traits in order to succeed They must also formulate a game plan and be proactive Ms Ojikutu additionally states that we owe it to ourselves and others to use our natural skills to be a force for good Readers will probably be able to tell this book was written by a pediatrician She certainly holds very strong beliefs when it comes to raising children and forming healthy relationships I really didn t like the section that seemed to be saying dress conservatively or you ll end up with awful partners She doesn t appear to account for people who live in warmer climates who find it uncomfortable to wear clothes than necessary or who simply don t care for conservative outfits If any of these things are the case does that mean you re not worthy of serious relationship Sometimes it s a personal choice Other times there are additional factors at play I nearly gave up reading at that pointWould I recommend this book Yes I probably would I might even read it again when I have time to let the information sink in Permanent Happiness has some good ualities but it still contains some ideas that I find bothersome

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