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Read & Download As naus By António Lobo Antunes António Lobo Antunes ✓ 5 review review As naus By António Lobo Antunes ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ravels is a startling and uncompromising look at one of Europe's great colonial powers and how the era of conuest reshaped not just Portugal but the world the voice of Nabokov by way of Cortazar Gogol by way of Dylan Jonathan Levi Los Angeles Times Book Review Antunes has empathy for the contradictions of human feeling He is a warm bloodied writer Michael Pye The New York Times Book Review Antunes deserves a wide audience of discerning readers Michael Mewshaw The Washington Post Book World. Certainly a must for anyone who loves Portugal The soul of Portugal is what the author understands very well and he renders it very well in this novel where the country s past and present meet and mingle heroes of Portuguese history explorers navigators kings writers return and wander through the streets of modern Lisbon the threat of Spanish invasion is as present as ever and ex colonialists come back to the realme from Guinea or Angola stupefied by the Empire s collapse This is not only an original idea for a novel this is truly the essence of modern Portugal permeated with mythology whose people like to contemplate the proud historical past and are said to still await the return of king Dom Sebastiao centuries after he disappeared mysteriously But the book depicts these myths and these people in an ugly or at least very melancholy way People are old and ugly their bodies and minds tired women are whores or crazy men are past their prime sex is everywhere but it is ugly and dirty the past grandeur of the country is no The final image of a crowd of tuberculosis eaten patients sitting and watching the sea in vain for Dom Sebastiao s return to the kingdom is a very pessimistic though powerful allegory of contemporary PortugalApart from interesting narrative inventions and tricks such as mingling past and present or switching the narration hence also the perspective sometimes in the middle of a sentence from the 3rd to the 1st person the book deserves a special mention for its beautiful musical language for the long almost hypnotic phrases and sentences that make the reader really dive into the scene and for the imaginative uality of descriptions that retain attention and somewhat amaze how about the calm and factual description of the evolution of carnivorous plants in a Lisbon flat devouring gradually its inhabitants So magic mingles with reality just like myths mingle with history To nonaficionados of Portugal however the book might seem rather opaue and puzzling it might be too hermetic I am not sure this kind of literary nationalism appeals to me it is somewhat stifling non universal and it appears to be a sort of national martyrology Also for this reason it certainly reuires a lot of concentration as it is not easy at the beginning to enter this very peculiar literary universe But once one is in it one cannot but be fascinated even if one doesn t like or understand everything

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Read & Download As naus By António Lobo Antunes António Lobo Antunes ✓ 5 review review As naus By António Lobo Antunes ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Called hallucinatory and lyrical Publishers Weekly The Return of the Caravels selected as a New York times Summer Reading title is a powerful indictment of Portuguese colonialism and another literary tour de force from the pen of Antonio Lobo Antunes the greatest living Portuguese writer Vogue It is set in Lisbon as Portugal's African colonies gain their independence in the mid 1970s In a contemporary response to Camoes's conuest epic 'The Lusiads' Antunes imagines Vasco da Gama and other. Another devastating book by Ant nio Lobo AntunesAnt nio Lobo Antunes is brilliant Absolutely brilliant With Return of the Caravels he has written a novel as an exercise in anachronism and he has done so in his usual chaotic life denyinglife confirming voice I am astounded by the very fact that it occurred to Lobo Antunes to even write this book I will not try to replay the book I shall simply lay out some of the themes and characters There is far too much going on here for me to attempt to do Let us begin with a character named Lu s He is a refugee from one of the collapsed Portuguese colonies in Africa It is the 1970s and Portuguese colonists and their descendants are escaping the mess they are leaving behind Lu s is bringing with him in the ship his father s corpse in a coffin for burial in Portugal His father was arbitrarily shot shortly before the voyage Upon landing in Lisbon Lu s sits upon his father s coffin on the dock awaiting the later delivery of his furniture It never comes Finally the dock officials become suspicious and look into to the coffin where they encounter a stinking unsightly mess They give Lu s a sack to better transport his father and send him on his way to find a cemetery While wandering aimlessly looking for an appropriate grave Lu s rests at an outdoor restaurant his father tucked in beside him Left alone he picks up the waiter s pen and pad He begins to write of his travels in eight verse stanzas And slowly not too slowly though just enough to create a small flash this reader s mind was enlightened The man Lu s is none other than Lu s de Cam es creator of The Lusiads Portugal s great 16th century poem of discovery And Luis is not alone from Portugal s golden age of exploration Travelling with him on the ship was a card shark who we soon discover to be Vasco da Gama great sea captain and explorer Da Gama uickly sets about trying to win back Portugal one piece at a time from the post revolutionary socialist government of modern Portugal Ostensibly he is doing so to help his friend Dom Manoel Portugal s king who sent his sailors out on the oceans to establish the empire Unfortunately the two are picked up and incarcerated in an asylum despite the protests of the King that all of this crap belongs to meAnd this is where the brilliance of the book becomes evident Lobo Antunes has brought together the beginnings and turns of the Portuguese empire The glorious dreams of the beginning are crossed with the rotting remains as they wash up in modern Portugal As Lobo Antunes makes clear in most of his books those dreams of empire could only lead to racism oppression corruption and collapse for both those who were colonized and those who did the colonizing While we encounter 16th century caravels in Lisbon s harbour side by side with Saudi oil tankers we meet many other luminaries of the golden age Fern o Mendes Pintos Manoel de Sousa Sep lveda Indies and Diogo C o My favourite is the early pharmacologist Garcia de Orta who takes de Cam es into his home in exchange for the contents of the sack Lu s s father henceforth becomes fertilizer for de Orta s many plants that he grows for the production of medicines De Orta also has a wife and many children as well as living with his ailing father in law Eventually the aggressive of the plants gobble up the old man and the children while the silent wife wanders off The book is both delightful and a lesson in the horrors of history Portugal was doomed by its own success its dreams of wealth washed up on its shores as so much flotsam Beware America I would recommend this book to anyone who has a degree in Portuguese history or the patience to research on Wikipedia No big deal really Buy the book and warm up Google It is well worth the effort Brilliant

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Read & Download As naus By António Lobo Antunes António Lobo Antunes ✓ 5 review review As naus By António Lobo Antunes ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Heroes of Portuguese explorations beached amid the detritus of the empire's collapse Or is it the modern colonials with their mixed race heritage and uneasy place in the fatherland who have somehow ended up in sixteenth century Lisbon As da Gama begins winning back ownership of Lisbon piece by piece in crooked card games four hundred years of Portuguese history mingle the caravels dock next to Irai oil tankers and the slave trade rubs shoulders with the duty free shops The Return of the Ca. In hell this will be read to you in an isolated room with Miley Cyrus as the narrator

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