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Terms of Attraction Free read ´ 104 Ed her hidden past Cael a commanding ex SEAL was no stranger to secrets himself He was intent on concealing from Ava a lifelong obsession for revengeNow on assignment in a South American jungle their professional relat. This is the 3rd book in the series If you want to know what the book is about please read the bit above this The heroine was great at her job and was cocky enough to know it and play on it When she saves a important person she s immediately wanted for another mission who had hired a private security firm which the hero runs He doesn t like who she works with and has contact with and she doesn t like how he does things Yep another two main characters at loggerheads Again with the attitudes of each but then they decide to work with each other My uestion is will they kill each other firstI liked the strength of the heroine but the fighting and going off against each other had me rolling my eyes The plot was ok but not really that interesting While it was written well I think the plot and the characters interactions were weak

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Terms of Attraction Free read ´ 104 Ionship was steaming up But both understood not to mix business with pleasure They needed to deceive each other for the sake of the mission And both knew their efforts to resist each other's brazen lust would never las. Really good dialogue appealing characters and an interesting story The author has managed a rare feat making the budding love seem plausible in spite of the initial mistrust between the main characters Well done

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Terms of Attraction Free read ´ 104 Mills Boon Romantic Suspense collection brings you dangerous liasionsAlpha Suad sniper Ava Carter trusted no one Especially not Cael McCabe the security pro who'd hired her as an elite bodyguard and had somehow unearth. A commando engaged in the private business of protecting the President of a country from his political enemies Cael meets a sharpshooting local policewoman who saves the day with her meticulous shots Ava The President must return to his country Cael needs talent to provide the necessary protectionCael is consumed with hate for the Homeland Security official who convinces Ava to accept Cael s offer to join his team hoping that she would provide information to bring the former commando down There is a secret concealed within Cael s hatredAva must leave her teen age son to perform the assignment She has a secret in her past which is discovered and is sought to be used against herThere is duplicity in the President s palace Cael is determined to rescue the kidnapped President from his imprisonment in the jungle Ava will not be deterred from engagement in the actionGreatly outnumbered in the jungle Ava and Cael battle their own internal demons and the real ones trying to bring them down Will they find strength in each other Will they find Can they overcome their secretsKylie Brant spins a wonderful story I read until I found the answers to these uestions captivated by a clever story told with skill and charm A mystery thriller and romance story all rolled into one Terms of Attraction is well conceived effectively presented and compellingly completed It is a truly excellent book Its pace flows like the waters that consume the protagonists A great read for sure

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  • 08 October 2019
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