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Mortgages For Dummies characters Ñ 104 Efinance their existing mortgage or would like to tap into the euity they've built up Updated to include the very latest on every kind of loan this friendly easy to understand guide will help youShop for the best home purchase mortgage Overcome loan ualification obstacles Negotiate lower loan fees and closing costs Save by refinancing the house Increase retirement income with a reverse mortgage Once you select the right mortgage for your situation you can explore step by step how to get the best possible deal Mortgages For Dummies Second. I got this book when I went to work for Countrywide Why oh why can t I throw it away Because you just don t throw away books no matter how pointless they are that s why

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Mortgages For Dummies characters Ñ 104 Edition also covers the following topics and Determining your borrowing power ualifying for a mortgage Locating and selecting a loan Finding the best lender and options Tackling loan paperwork Refinancing and other money makers For most of us the mortgage field is jammed with jargon and fraught with fiscal pitfalls It's up to you to seek the knowledge necessary to make your mortgage process rewarding This handy guide shows you everything you need to know to find your way through the home financing jungle and make the best decisions possib. I registered a book at BookCrossingcom

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Mortgages For Dummies characters Ñ 104 For typical homeowners the monthly mortgage payment is either their largest or after income taxes second largest expense item When you're shopping for a mortgage without the proper knowledge you could easily waste many hours of your time in addition to the financial losses suffered by not getting the best loan you can Choosing the right mortgage can help you save money for important financial goals such as higher education and retirement Mortgages For Dummies Second Edition is for anyone who needs a loan to buy their first home wants to r. I have to be honest I didn t finish this book A whole book about mortgages Once you get the hang of it playing with the calculators on Bankratecom is enough to learn what you need to I should have found a book that covered the entire house buying experience I m not sure any book can really prepare you to buy a house it s a paradigm experience But surely there s a book that covers than just mortgagesThat said this book did have some really great information and it helped me understand the math involved It just should have included so much The mortgage is a major part of buying a house but it is almost easy once you get the hang of itIf I were writing the book this is what would be in my chapters1 Buying a house is than a mortgage Before you settle on what you can afford think about all the other expenses involved There are taxes repairs and updates you ll need before you can move in updates you ll want to make as you live there and what if something breaks A small appliance no big deal But a water heater roof or air conditioner And that s just the money associated with the house What if you have a baby or want a new car Going back to school A house is only a valid investment if you can see yourself happy living in it after 5 years2 Buying a house is than a mortgage part 2 It s an appraisal it s a survey it s realtor fees it s an inspection etc There are so many legal papers to sign and things you didn t even realize you needed to think about Finding a house you like and can afford is just the beginning Once you make an offer there s fast paced weeks when you have to discover if your new love is a money pit3 What can you afford Keep a budget for at least 6 months mintcom is a great resource to categorize your expenses Do you have any savings What would happen if you lost your source of income Are you falling in the two income trap In my opinion double your income minus your debt euals the value of a house you can easily afford Take it easy on yourself buy something you can easily afford instead of straining to make ends meet every month for 30 years4 These are the different kinds of loans but only stupid people or gamblers choose most of the outrageous options If mortgage rates are high get an ARM If mortage rates are below 8% get a fixed After you have your loan if mortgage rates fall than 1% it s probably worth refinancing There is no difference between a 30 year and a 15 year mortgage other than the time limit If you want to pay off your 30 year loan in 15 years all you have to do is make the 15 year payment