Susanna Tamaro { PDF } Va' dove ti porta il cuore

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Va' dove ti porta il cuore

review Va' dove ti porta il cuore 103 Opies in that country alone before hitting bestseller lists throughout the rest of Europe Now North American readers can enjoy the novel that has won over the worldIt begins in late autumn 1992 as an elderly Italian woman prompted by the knowledge of her encroaching death sits down to write a letter to her granddaughter now grown and. Every now and then we saw one firework that exploded before it got very high Well whenever I think about my mother s life or my grandmother s or the lives of so many people I know that s the image that comes to mindfireworks that fizzled down in the lower altitudes instead of climbing up to the sky Though you may not know it your whole life and the lives of those close to you are at stake when you choose whether to go straight or turn aside This religion is one of those areas where you can t push or pull too hard otherwise the same thing happens to you as happens to street vendors the they hustle their products the the whole thing seems like a hoax I didn t want to be calm I didn t want anything to dull my grief Do you know what s one mistake we always make Believing that life s immutable that once you get on a particular track you have to follow it to the end of the line With the absolute conviction of adolescence you believed that the unhappiness tormenting you then would torment you forever The voice of appearances was appealing to you on one side the voice of the heart on the other and without any doubt without any hesitation you chose the heart

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review Va' dove ti porta il cuore 103 Living in far off America Through these moving reflections we see one life laid bare joys sorrows regrets and all And through the eyes of a woman nearing the end of her days we come to understand what life experience has taught her that no matter what the stakes we must look within ourselves and gather the courage to follow our hear. Winter is approaching and with it an elderly woman s death Everything is in order except her affairs of the heart She sits at her desk composing the final chapter of her life a confession a letter to the granddaughter she raised Now estranged and living in far off America in it is a story of love death and propriety of words unspoken of lives wasted of secrets she had vowed to take to her grave but must now share to heal lives mortally wounded by a lie It is the ultimate gift of love and liberation from one woman to another a road map straight to the center of ourselves where we can gather the courage to follow our heartsI did not find any center to this book and I definitely didn t feel inspired to find my center after reading it

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review Va' dove ti porta il cuore 103 An international bestseller with tremendous word of mouth appeal Follow Your Heart is a bittersweet heartwarming novel spanning generations and teaching the universal truths about life love and what lies within each of us Originally published in Italy Follow Your Heart won the coveted Premio Donna Citta di Roma and sold over 800000 c. This book is deeply moving because it deals so closely with issues close to the human heart The prose is simple and uplifting the story just an excuse to reveal to us universal truths that we all know but refuse to acknowledge Critical and cynical people might brush this book aside but I feel that one really has to look very deeply into it to really discover its true worth This must be read with an open mind and I feel that the ending is particularly apt because there is none This situation could be so easily applied to our daily lives and the author is telling us in simple gracious terms that patience and undersanding should be the forefront of our relationship with our family Despite the somewhat muddled use of the flashback techniue and several narratives that are a little to rambling this is a jewel that teaches love in a world where there is little to be found

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