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Acting the Part Free read Ï 2 From first time she met Mikhail Sommerville actress Lydia Castle could feel the explosive chemistry with her new costar Cast as lovers in a steamy historical. Normally this would be my kind of catnip but the hero is just a creep

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Acting the Part Free read Ï 2 Film Lydia and Mikhail don t need to pretend to be in lust with one anotherboth on and off the set But with the paparazzi and tabloids watching there is onl. O M G Girlfriends this is a wet your panties short You might just want your partner nearby after reading this one

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Acting the Part Free read Ï 2 Y one way for Lydia and Mikhail to release their sexual tension and keep their privacy by acting out their passion in the most intense sex scene of their liv. Not much substance

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