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Characters ☆ Trust No One 102 Attraction towards each other is hard to fight off Lynn Monica’s best friend is also trying to help but she has wanted Monica since college and now that Rodney is gone she’s making her move While Monica has all of this on her plate she finds out that her. This book was all over the place Some of the repetitive phrasing became annoying and there were places where the character s names were used incorrectly I thought that there were too many subplots and the stories didn t seem to fit together very well I did give three stars because the main storyline was an interesting story although somewhat predictable in places This is an easy read with a few typos but enough of a plot to keep readers interest

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Characters ☆ Trust No One 102 Husband may have committed the ULTIMATE betrayal and the people closest to him were somewhat involved Trust No One will take you along as Monica tries to juggle her husband’s secret’s and lies while trying to fight the sensual attraction for those around h. This was a good story with a surprising ending A couple times I was confused especially the part dealing with Lavelle I couldn t stand Lynn and Rodney no comment on his deceitful butt Other than that it was a good read

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Characters ☆ Trust No One 102 Monica James just lost her husband Rodney of 6 years in a fatal car accident Monica thought her life couldn’t go on but with the help of good friends and family she knew she could get by Leon her husband’s twin brother tried to help ease her pain but their. This review is from Trust No One By Drica Armstrong 4 out of 5 stars Trust everyone just don t trust the devil inside them June 5 2013This book was extremely interesting I was like OMG while reading the entire bookFirst off I think Rodney was beyond an arse I do not care what he vocalized at the end or what he was feeling he was just a poor excuse for a man Who in the hell o does what he did and thinks everyone should forgive him What made me even madder was his cavalier attitude about the ENTIRE situation and asking people to just put it behind them WTH Are you crazy Rodney The uestion was actually rhetorical He should have been a man and faced his demons instead of creating It seemed like every 10 pages I was screaming SHOTS FIRED because Rodney had a different surprise for Monica Some surprises I had to go back and read twice because I was like Caller you say whatI will not even address how many people he involved in his devious plot and the reprecussions they had to face He was geniunely selfish and only concerned with Rodney Even his identical twin brother was of no concern to him until his plan started unravelingIf Lynn is a so called BFF then I would just rather have enemies Her mind was beyond twisted and I was flabbergasted at the stunts she pulled The setup with Kelly was one thing but then when I got to the nitty gritty of everyone s relationship I was like HELL O NO Grimy does not even begin to describe Lynn and I was hoping that she got hers in the end I get so tired of females who interject themselves in their friend s relationships Real talk most females are just looking for a sounding board not some fake arse Chuck Woolery with her own scandalous intentions As for Kellywell she was just a low self esteem pawn in a game that had no wins for her However I would have dialed 9 1 1 on Lynn s arse and got her some stick and jail time Please believe you put your hands on me and I will put your arse in handcuffsMonica was an emotional wreck with good reason I am not sure how she did not get committed before Chapter 5 because somebody would have had to lock me up Rodney s actions were deplorable and to put someone through all those shennanigans is absurd If he had all these feelings and thoughts Rodney should have opened his damn mouth instead of letting the situation fester Did Monica play a part in the entire mess Absolutely but she was trapped in Monica s world and no one brought it to her attention It really ticked me off how everyone had so much to say about Monica s behavior after the fact Who does that Why would you put up with something that is bothering you for years I do not get itI was indifferent towards John I did not like him or dislike him I think that right is right and wrong is wrong Further if Monica would of committed suicide because she could not take it any then he would have been feeling like crap because he chose to keep his mouth shut about certain things Leon bless his heart He was a part of a game and he was not even cold in the ground I detested Rodney for how he used his brother and I am sure there is a special place for a person like thatThe things that I did not favor in the book were towards the end I was not a fan of Rodney coming clean about his actions and what prompted them It was like he trying to paint Monica as a horrible wife to justify his actions throughout the book FAIL I did not like the outcome of Monica and Lynn There is no way in hell o that Monica should have accepted her back into her circle As so called BFF s I expect you to lie about how good a date looks or hooking up on a first date or cheating on a diet I DO NOT expect you to lie about the things that Lynn lied about All of Lynn s lies were grounds for termination of a friendship I would rather buy a catOverall the book was a good and interesting read Definitely a page turner and I will certainly read novels from Ms ArmstrongReviewed by Lizzy Linh K for Urban Grapevine Magazine

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