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The Other Book Read & Download ¿ 0 Read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì Roe Horvat Lonesome man and it's a heady feeling What if he could set Joel free and give him peace of mind When Tyler realizes how much Joel needs him he doesn't regret breaking his own rules Gay erotic romance Contains explicit scenes and sexual interactions between than two partners For adult readers onl. 45 StarsI absolutely devoured this story Not only was this one of the most erotically charged MM books I ve ever read but it also seriously delivered on an emotional depth level too At the onset I ll admit I had my reservations because of the popularly talked about foursome action within but I needn t have worried because even though such themes and romance dynamics aren t ones I d normally seek out or enjoy in my reading I was wildly impressed with how such was handled here Plus it was SMOKIN HOT just sayin I continue to find Roe Horvat s writing to be utterly exuisite and at this point I really doubt there isn t a book they could release that I wouldn t immediately one click regardless of the themes or premise I m all inHighly recommended 3

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The Other Book

The Other Book Read & Download ¿ 0 Read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì Roe Horvat It was supposed to be just sex Famous last wordsTyler doesn't overthink pleasure and avoids complications He knows it might be stupid to get involved with his closeted boss but the temptation is too great At first the cold and beautiful Joel Sandstrom seems to loathe Tyler's gutsExcept one late. 45All the glowing reviews for this novel are true This book is a bombshell explosive intense and sexy as fuckTold solely from Tyler s POV The Other Book has kinky edges and tender moments not to mention a delicious enemies to lovers theme and a workplace romance Tyler is a designer and contracts with Joel s marketingadvertising companyI m not usually a fan of MCs having sex with other people on page In fact I hate it But Horvat created such an appealing couple in Adam and Christoffer Tyler s friends I found I didn t mind not one bit That foursome is forever branded on my brain Holy Fucking HotnessWhile there is a lot of sex in this book and the sex is anything but vanilla it didn t feel gratuitous at least to me if you prefer subtle steam or limited sexual content this is decidedly not the book for you The men s sexual connection is raw and obsessive but it s a physical manifestation of their all consuming loveThe book also deals with grief over losing a parent no matter how controlling and emotionally abusive that parent may have been Joel s cruel father is the very opposite of Tyler s fun and loving momI loved the hell out of this story Don t skip the author s note in which Horvat discusses sexuality and consent It s brilliant I don t think publishing erotic content should come with a stigma publishing it is an act of resistance I refuse to condone societal rules and laws which keep people from loving whom they love or prohibiting them from experiencing physical pleasure

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The Other Book Read & Download ¿ 0 Read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì Roe Horvat Night at the office his reasons become clearand his control breaksEvery time they touch Joel's stony face comes alive harsh lines smooth out and for a minute he looks serene Happy even Just sex dirty intense spectacular sexDuring their covert encounters Tyler discovers the power he has over the. 45 erotic starsOH MY GAAAAAAWD THIS BOOK IS HOOOOOOT I bent down and caught his upper lip between mine I nipped at it once then his lower lip and he opened up for me his tongue meeting mine The first taste A kiss The longest deepest single most erotic kiss of my life It is EroticIt is sweetFirst of all don t ignore the warnings if they put you off don t go in if you can handle all that Then by all means READ THIS BOOK I unzipped swiftly and took my hard cock out stroking it rolling my foreskin back with my fingers Joel watched mouth open He tried to lean closer but I held him by his hair Fuck he muttered Oh Joel you cock hungry slut I said That is only a tiny glimpse of itThe writing is very solid and really good it flows from page to page and was hooked from the moment i read the first chapter couldn t stop and didn t want it to end The book is short but has a lot of feels The relationship starts out as sexual then develops into something It was amazing to read and found it very believable MC 1 Tyler Our main narrator unapologetic out and proud loving guy with a very high sexual appetite He is so supportive and patient with Joel I really love him MC 2 Joel Tyler s boss Smart charming deep in the closet comes off as cold but deep down he is just craving his prick father s affection and a very bossy bottom Loved him too I loved how Tyler helped Joel accept himself We have another couple as secondary characters Christopher Tyler s best friend and his boyfriend Adam These two add some sauce to the story and heat factor The chemistry is out of this world from the moment we are introduced to Tyler and Joel I could feel their connection sexual emotional physical and everything in between The sex scenes are so hot Like HAWT The author made me feel the connection between these men the passion and sex The sex Did I mention hot Baby what do you want Tyler he breathed confused in his sex haze It s intense I know Slow down for a minute Yeah Fuck Tyler I want Joel I said loudly He nodded I need to be there when you come That moment is mine Okay Yes Cold Shower Cold ShowerThis is my first time reading a book written by Roe and I have to say He has a uniue writing style I will definitely be looking for ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest review