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review The Eight Download The Eight ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Computer expert Cat Velis is heading for a job to Algeria Before she goes a mysterious fortune teller warns her of danger and an an. Three weeks ago I held a yard sale To pass the time I picked up this book I d never seen from a box of books none of which I d ever read and none of which I remember buyingOf the many surreal happenings of that day one of the most strange was when immediately after reading the first page a well groomed homeless man or a poorly groomed homed man rode past on a bike He looked over and upon seeing The Eight lurched off his bike stumbled to my gate and grasping it with all the force and desperation of a kindergartener being left by mommy bellowed That book Man That book man is the biggest fucking mind trip it s the best book you ll ever read That woman the author used to be an executive at Bank of America until those Southern fuckers came in and they fired EVERY woman in the company God damn mother fuckers But man she s beautiful too man like a triple threat And let tell you something and here he became uiet and conspiratorial it ll never NEVER be made into a movie I won t tell you why 23 into the book BAM he yelled it s a fucking bomb on your brain She just fucking drops that bomb on your brain and it ll NEVER be a fucking movieHow could I do anything but read this book after such an endorsementIt s pretty typical of the genre A collection of mostly tropes the mysterious and reclusive genius somehow at the heart of the mystery the one no one including his co commiserators can trust has a hidden agenda that has to do directly with the heroine No way After he takes a personal interest in her we find out he s tall handsome devilishly charismatic seductive and wait can t be completely trusted Didn t see that one coming including the drunken socialite the clueless petty bourgeoisie the uirky but lovable math computer whiz the evil and menacing foreign intelligence agent the surprisingly Western and enlightened foreign man incredibly open and the revelation that the Other is actually welcoming than Weto name a few Anyway this collection are interwoven into a story that touches on Charlemagne OPEC Chess the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon among other things and which is mostly entertaining if much too longThe double narrative serves an obvious purpose but makes the book cumbersome and unnecessarily obtuse When one story line enthralls Neville switches to the other forcing the reader to reinvest a tiring exercise It s an unfortunate thing really because both narratives on their own are interesting and could have been fun if forgettable adventure books on their own Should have been Very much should have been23 of the way through the heroines of both narratives go to Algeria and meet tall dark handsome and capable men who save them from vile agents of the bad guys There s also an Erich Von Daniken moment which is probably what the lurcher was talking about It was a mind bomb about as much as the turn in the new Indiana Jones movieI am ambivalent about this book I d be enthusiastic if it had been about one story or even one so than the other

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review The Eight Download The Eight ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Tiue dealer asks her to search for pieces to a valuable chess set that has been missing for yearsIn the South of France in 1790 two. Katherine Neville The Eight Ballantine 1988This novel has achieved almost cult status in some circles and many people consider it one of the best adventure novels ever written It s a useful way to separate folks you know into two categories those who are interested in plot and those who are interested in writingThe plot is pretty darn good when it comes right down to it The novel takes place in two parallel times the first being 1972 and the second the years during and after the French Revolution Both plot lines center around the search for a mystical chess set and attempts to discover the human counterparts to various pieces the hero and villain in each time line are the Black and White ueens respectively very nice little twist that The board once complete will supposedly impart unlimited power to he who possesses it and thus leaders from Marat and Catherine the Great to Muammar Khaddafi run throughout the book looking to get their hands on it The pace is uick the action almost nonstop the present day time line is uicker paced and much compelling but the past ain t all that badThe writing on the other hand is almost painful in places Neville descends in to the realm of clich at least once per chapter at times than once per page Clumsy attempts at foreshadowing you know the type but I never thought when I woke up in the morning that this day would change my life forever are commonplace here than in a whole shelf of novels by Bulwer Lytton It s possible that Ms Neville took the nineteenth century definition of romance novel a tad too seriously for being a twentieth century writer And this is certainly an uniue experience in that regard a classic nineteenth century romance novel written all too often like a Harleuin circa 1985All in all it is a fun little book reuiring great suspension of disbelief I d have given it another star if part of my suspension of disbelief didn t have to be in the author s writing ability

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review The Eight Download The Eight ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Convent girls hide valuable pieces of a chess set all over the world because the game that can be played with them is too powerful. an amazing book especially in the end the last 100 pages were a real page turner

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