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Scars of Betrayal Summary á 104 Ut then she had betrayed himRelief at the sight of Nathaniel turns to darkest shame as Cassie sees the hate in his eyes Years have passed and their physical scars have fad. Very interesting and unusual book from Sophia James The title is right on the money It is about betrayal the scars it leaves and the possibility of redemption Our H and h had a long difficult road to the their HEA A very satisfying read

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Scars of Betrayal Summary á 104 Ed but the pain runs deeper than ever Yet passion can be born out of betrayal and as desire crackles between them once will Cassie reveal the secret she's long kept hidden. It s uite Lovely It is filled with love danger regrets secrets and betrayal It s better than I expected or hoped Perfect for a lazy afternoon

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Scars of Betrayal Summary á 104 The long kept secretCassandra Northrup had believed Nathaniel deaduntil now Once she had loved him given herself to him in the hidden depths of the snow covered Pyrenees B. This was a touching story of love betrayal loosening pain hope joy finding and last but not least uncovering secrets of the past hurts and pains Coming together as one and being untied with those from their past forgiveness and finding peace not only with each other but themselves Cassandra returns home from France and a nightmare of killing fighting and part of her family dead at the hands of cruel men She thinks Nathaniel is dead only to come face to face with him at a party All she can think about is getting out before he sees her Faith gets in the way and the two meet there is so much pain and love can they come together get over the past Cassandra has secrets she must give up before the healing can start Can Nathaniel forgive her for betraying him even in doing so she gave them both back their lives It was the only way she could think of to make sure he lived She wonders if he will ever understand this and in return will can they make a life together Cassandra has her own demons she is the cause so of man good men being killed she can t forget her part in the loss of lives Nathaniel is a spy who found Cassandra in France helped her fell in love with her loose her and thinks she betrayed him and wanted him dead Once back home he sees Cassandra from across the crowded room he feels hate and love She not only betrayed him but left him for dead all he can think about is being with her He cannot find it in his heart to forgive her but he can t stop loving her Can they find their way back to each other or will life get in the way He knows she isn t telling him something as a spy he can tell when people have secrets and he knows hers are big he can just feel it He finds he cannot walk away women are dying and Cassandra is right in the middle of it with her helping the poor women force in to prostitution She is out in the night finding women to pull out of danger giving them a new life He cannot let her run the dangerous streets at night by herself he must protect his love at all costScars of Betrayal is a wonderful read a lovely story with many twist and turns Along with mystery and danger secrets but to get past all of this they must first love and forgive At times this book is hard to follow you it is hard a times to know who is saying what I found myself rereading parts just to find who said what I wish I could say it was an easy flow read but cannot since it isn t clear who says what The author has a well thought out book with a great story line I would have totally enjoyed this book if it was clear who was speaking In all honesty I have not read anything from this author before and do plan on reading of her work I found this book to be Intriguing with wonderful hero s not only in the strong male but in a strong women I found Cassandra to be a hero in her own not only for her man but for family and the women who were force in to prostitution I would recommend this book and I am sure many readers will love this story line

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 288
  • Scars of Betrayal
  • Sophia James
  • English
  • 11 June 2018
  • 9780373297887