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LAKNAT AUTHOR Fahmi Mustaffa Summary  PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Pelajaran lebih lebih lagi sejak dia bertemu dengan Professor William Hawking Atheism dibaja subur dengan sains semahunyaIroninya Amar ditempatkan sebilik dengan Hakim seorang yang berlatar belakangkan agama Amar dan Hakim punya dua persamaan mereka berfikiran terbuka. I applaud the writer for his bold and daring approach in presenting a story that reflects and unfolds the current state of our society I enjoyed the first half of the book and found myself wanting to rush through till the end of the book Life is not a destination but a journey and in telling the story of one s journey the writer has exposed the closets of each character I am dark myself too Boo

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LAKNAT AUTHOR Fahmi Mustaffa Summary  PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Dan mempersoal isu ketuhanan Walaupun begitu Amar mempersoal tuhan untuk bermusuh denganNYa tetapi Hakim bersoal jawab untuk menambah keimanan kepadaNya Saat Amar sudah mula ingin berbaik dengan tuhan konflik berlaku Semua orang punya pahala punya dosa dan punya rahs. Whoaa

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LAKNAT AUTHOR Fahmi Mustaffa Summary  PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Amar menjadi mangsa liwat abangnya sendiri Ikhwan walaupun Ikhwan dibesarkan dengan didikan agama Amar percaya tuhan itu ada cuma memilih untuk bermusuh dengannya sebab bagi Amar tuhan tak pernah ada saat dia merontaSifat bencikan tuhan bercambah bila dia melanjutkan. I had such high hopes for Laknat after reading the synopsis and the first few chapters The book being banned by MPH just made me want to read it Sadly it disappointed me Maybe because I had higher expectations than I usually do of a local book or maybe it s just meLaknat tells the story a boy coming of age who did not believe in God after being sexually abused by his religious brother for so long He then meets Hakim who never doubts in Allah one second So I went into the book thinking it was going to be really interesting seeing how the writer will be playing with both religion homosexuality and to a certain extent science Unfortunately that only lasts for half of the book The writer did really great contrasting religion and homosexuality as well as showing us a glimpse of the conflict between religion and science It was so good that it did not need the second half which just ruined everythingLaknat went so far away from what it was supposed to be doing or what the writer made the readers think he was doing To some it might have been a nice plot twist but I thought it was just unnecessary The book could have survived without one I felt cheated and to this day I never understood what have lead to the climactic event Alas I still believe Fahmi is a great writer and I look forward to reading his future works I will just be staying far away from Laknat and would not be recommending it anytime soon

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