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King of Scars Free read ´ 4 Nikolai Lantsov has always had a gift for the impossible No one knows what he endured in his country’s bloody civil war and he intends to keep it that way Now as enemies gather at his weakened borders the young king must find a way to refill Ravka?. Updated with my opinions on the End Spoilers are hidden within a spoiler tagHello all and meet my ghost who is currently writing this reviewFirst of all I think there will be plenty of people who are not thrilled with the end but I am LIVING for it and I ll list my reasons at the bottom of this review under the spoiler tag However I did have some issues like the pacing and I ll talk about them below but overall ueen Leigh is so freaking brilliant I am in utter and complete shock I had to reread the last chunk about 10 times before the ending sunk in I screamed my throat raw scared my cat and practically passed outFirst of all an absolute massive standing ovation to Lauren Fortgang who narrated this book on audio and blessed me with her talent I absolutely 10000% recommend the audio version and this goes for the original trilogy too which she also narrated The audiobooks are outstanding Yes I am unhealthily obsessed and Lauren if you read this I am sorryThat also leads me to my next point you DEFINITELY need to read the original trilogy Shadow and Bone before reading this which is legit one of my all time favorite series I also recommend reading Six of Crows because a main character and massive spoilers are in this book for her Basically please read through all the Grishaverse books You won t regret it and if you don t you will be spoiled for all of themAlright back to this barely coherent reviewI love everything about my precious son Nikolai and like always he is absolute perfection I ve been BEGGING for this book for the longest time But I definitely had some issues with parts of the book mostly about certain plot points that had me scratching my head a bit Some parts were slow Now that I m finished I think some of those bits are growing on me but I gotta say sadly that I found myself a bit bored at times below But listen Leigh is my favorite author I freaking adore everything she writes Her worldbuilding is absolutely astounding and her characters are just I can t I love them So that paired with the ENDING THAT KILLED ME is the reason I am rating this five stars ueen Leigh deserves nothing less I admire her endlessly I think I ll enjoy this even the second time around especially now that I know what she was building towards One risks looking less like a monarch and like a hostage You have emissaries to manage these matters of state Zoya had argued ambassadors underlings The public may forget how handsome I am Let s break it downNina This is where I had a hard time I love her I REALLY do so much She s hysterical and super relatable not to mention a great role model for girls She s the friend I wish I had growing up But I found myself dozing off during her chapters I m not going to say much since we re right at the release but she s away from Nikolai co on some mission in Fjerda and it seemed to drag and drag I was so excited to see her interact with my crew Genya David Zoya etc but alas she s occupied Don t get me wrong she has some great moments and some teary ones for sure especially if you know the ending of Crooked Kingdom she s still dealing with this But I just didn t love her chapters That being said I m 1000% stoked to see the moments I craved in the seuelNikolaiMy golden son I said it above but he s perfection He s witty clever smart mouthed in the best way and all around charming as usual Belt up those pants friends otherwise he ll charm them right off If you ve followed his story you know what happened to him in RR so obviously he s dealing with that as a major plot point of this book ueue Britt sobbing into her tea What made me the most sad though was for a book titled King of Scars I feel like we didn t get ENOUGH of him He didn t have that many POV chapters and it felt like Zoya s book tbh But even still he s a freaking badass and always manages to steal the show The two clever fox I knew this and he STILL shocked me out of my seat than once And the end bites fist zips lips before I explode Ahhhghghghgh on this lowerZoya I like her but I haven t fallen in love with her I will say this though she grew on me a lot and Leigh wrote her character arc beautifully In fact that s the focus of her chapters we find out so much about her past and what really went on from her perspective during the Grisha Trilogy All that and she had some truly fantastic moments I loved the banter between her and Nikolai Now I know some of you are wondering about the ships so I m going to post my thoughts in the spoiler tag view spoiler Alright so yes she and Niko are flirting a good chunk of the book I knew this going in but I m not sure how I feel about it It feels a TAD forced But listen Leigh has never disappointed me before and this book certainly isn t all about me she can write what she wants so I m trying to keep an open mind Basically I just want our dearest King to be happy He deserves it so much hide spoiler

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King of Scars Free read ´ 4 ?s coffers forge new alliances and stop a rising threat to the once great Grisha ArmyYet with every day a dark magic within him grows stronger threatening to destroy all he has built With the help of a young monk and a legendary Grisha Sualler Nikolai. He straightened the lapels of his velvet coat and winked It s not exciting if nothing can go wrong I feel really disappointed that King of Scars one of my most anticipated books of 2019 was only a 3 star read for me I m not sure if I m being harsh or generous honestly It wasn t a bad book Bardugo keeps growing as a writer and she especially shines with her dialogue I liked the characters and relationship dynamics I loved the funny snarky conversations I just felt like this book was so slow in parts 500 pages is on the heftier side for a YA book and I felt the drag of most of themSix of Crows and Crooked Kingdom are great books in my opinion I love the heisting and shenanigans I think they re really tightly plotted and I can 100% understand what I m reading for Here the plot meandered Nikolai s efforts to rid himself of his monster seemed to get lost somewhere and Nina s mission to find grisha felt open ended and directionless it reminded me of Mare s journey in Glass Sword which I really dislikedThere s a real lack of focus for a lot of this book Romance is minimal which is usually a good thing but here it might have added a much needed hook I didn t feel like either Nikolai s or Nina s stories provided a significant conflict or mystery until the very end I was also bored by Isaak s chaptersI started King of Scars on such a high convinced I would love it 100 pages in I made a note saying not much has happened 200 pages in I made another note saying lots of Grishaverse recap and flashbacks little plot progression It s a very long time until the story really goes anywhereThis all sounds really negative but it was saved somewhat by how much I enjoy this world and the characters Zoya is especially interesting Unlike some I uite liked the ending and I m intrigued by the possible romantic directions the seuels could take If only this book didn t feel like one very long prologueBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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King of Scars Free read ´ 4 Will journey to the places in Ravka where the deepest magic survives to vanuish the terrible legacy inside him He will risk everything to save his country and himself But some secrets aren’t meant to stay buried and some wounds aren’t meant to he. Maybe a 45 I need to think about it a bit because wow that ending

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