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Into the Savage Country

Into the Savage Country review » 3 His life and uickly discovers the depth of loyalty among the men who must depend on one another to survive While convalescing he falls in love with the proud Alene a widow who may or may not wait for him And on a wildly risky expedition into Crow territory Wyeth finds himself unwittingly in the center of a deadly boundary dispute betwee. A refreshing novel that doesn t pretend to be anything other than what it is a good old fashioned adventure story told with great skill Fur trappers during the opening of the American west facing down nasty weather natives the British and the Spanish The protagonist is likeable and discovers over the course of the story what bravery means A very entertaining throwback sort of book

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Into the Savage Country review » 3 From the author of Black Flies a 2008 New York Times Notable Book a  breathtaking adventure set in the American West of the 1820s that gives us a tale of complex friendships a love story and a panoramic retelling of a crucial moment in American historyWhen young William Wyeth leaves St Louis for a fur trapping expedition he nearly loses. I ve been on a GR hiatus so bear with me as I ease back into things Some of these reviews will be short since some time has passed since my readingShannon Burke s Into the Savage Country is an impressive historical novel that occupies a very similar time place and subject as The Revenant In fact if you keep your eyes peeled you ll even see a few of the same characters Hugh Glass Jim Bridger But they re only peripheral characters The main actors are a young trio William Wyeth WA Ferris and Henry Layton of aspiring mountain men and fur trappers Another major figure Alene Chevalier a French Indian tanner of hides is the novel long love interest of Wyeth who is the teller of tale The story is historically well grounded and real events such as the competition between American and British fur companies are a major part of the story That said the novel never really feels like an historical novel That s because Burke brings all the main characters to life These are not cardboard characters For example Arlene is both calculating and caring The calculating is for survival as her mixed heritage is usually held against her Wyeth is simply a young man testing and growing as person Most complex of all is Henry Layton the captain of the novel s big fur gathering expedition who can be charming one minute even heroic and mean as hell the next You never really hate the guy because he s obviously tormented by his own divisions What s impressive there is that is how the characters view Layton That kind of harmony between reader and story doesn t happen as much as it should Highly recommended

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Into the Savage Country review » 3 N Native American tribes the British government and American trapping brigades A classic adventure told with great suspense and literary flair Into the Savage Country illuminates the ways in which extreme circumstances expose the truth about the natures of individual men and the surprising mechanics of their bravery loyalty and friendshi. I really really enjoyed reading this book It is as many reviewers said an old fashioned adventure story and a western But the author also did a superb job of describing the personalities of the men who take part in it and how their individual characteristics influence each other The main characters are uite young and they are daring to try trapping beaver in the remote western mountains for a variety of reasons from needing to prove themselves to parents to greed to the naive idea that this would be a fairly rapid way to make a grubstake to start a good life in the settled part of the young United StatesThe history is very accurate And it was a fairly brief period of history because the once abundant beaver fairly rapidly were trapped into near extinction when the fashion for beaver skin hats abounded The variations in the native tribes dealing with the trappers and the tremendous competition between the American French Mexicans and British for the mountain west in the 1820s enriches the story Trapping beaver was a brutal dangerous life but there was camaraderie within each trapping brigade as well an individual conflictThe tale was told in detail but the story line moved very swiftly and it was hard to put down I highly recommend this for anyone who loves the west and is interested in this lesser known part of the exploration and settlement of America

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