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  • 06 June 2018
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Alluring Alluring #1 Read & Download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00RWKMS1UThe first time she saw him she knew she was in trouble Alexis Taft fills her days and nights working to pay off her mother's medical debts and put her sister through college She doesn't have time for fun or men Her life is predictable if boring that is until she meets Jack Then life is anything but predictable The first time he saw her he knew he wanted to make her his Handsome we. 5 fantabulous Stars definitelyI read Alluring a few months ago and decided to read it again I loved this book the first time and loved it even the second time Every minute of it I finished reading it in one sittingI love love love Jack He has to be one of the sexiest men out there The story mainly revolved around Alexis and Jackson s love story with a bit of suspense action and drama The perfect combination that fit my reading preferences The chemistry and passion between the MC was steamy hot and you could feel through the story every single touch lick and kiss between them And I loved how they handled one another You are the breath I need to breathe I live for you Alexis Without you I am nothingSarah Curtis did great and she captured my attention from the first page till the endI fully recommend this book and can t wait to read Mase s story book 3 in the Alluring Series

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Alluring Alluring #1 Read & Download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ption But there's someone else that wants Jack Someone that would stop at nothing to have him Someone that wants Alexis out of the way And Jack and Alexis have to stop them or lose all chance at happiness This is a full length steamy contemporary romance with no cliffhanger It is part of a series but each book is a stand alone centering on new main characters Due to sex and language it is recommended for persons over 18 H. 45 I added a 12 Star on this reread because Jack deserves it lol Every book I ve read by this author I ve loved but I have to say that Jack is definitely still one of my favorite heroes He s the type I love When he meets the h no OW will do and he goes after her relentlessly And Alexis is a sweet heroine just trying to get by She has some insecurities in the beginning but once she believes in him she holds nothing back either This has a good cast of secondary characters as well

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Alluring Alluring #1 Read & Download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Althy powerful Jackson Cole could have any woman he wants and often does that is until he sets his sights on Alexis With her unsurpassed beauty he was hooked with just one look from her amber eyes Unfortunately Alexis is the one woman who doesn't fall easily for his charms and Jack has to do something he's never had to do before Pursue a woman However Jack always gets what he wants and Alexis soon discovers she is no exce. Wow Jackson Cole is the perfect swooniest alpha hero I ve read in like foreverAlexis is just trying to get through her days as she works two jobs to cover the cost of living after years of caring for a sick mother and helping to raise her sister When Jack makes a move she s immediately drawn to him but knows he just wants one night and that s not her thing At allJack is pulled toward Alexis from the first moment he lays eyes on her His desire becomes almost obsessive Jack is accustomed to getting anything he puts his mind to but Alexis is making him work extra hard at getting her And his mind is definitely set on having her But as he continues to pursue the seemingly unattainable woman he uickly realizes that he wants than one nightTogether this couple ignited the pages of my Kindle They were perfect for each other Alexis has a few trust issues which were completely understandable due to Jack s past That past ensures there is a good bit of other woman drama here However Jack is all about Alexis and that never once changes I loved watching Alexis grow to accept that what she had with him was the real thing And I absolutely adored watching Jack fall and fall hardThis is one of those reads that just checks all your boxes for what you want in a low angst high steam romance with a likable heroine and most importantly the perfect possessiveprotective and jealous hero There are just no words for how incredible this couple are This is this author s debut book but has recently reworked it with spit and shine I freaking loved it so hard Hand raised to heaven I vow this book is the perfect feel good read Dual POV Have I mentioned how much I loved Jack and having his POVSigh Safe view spoilerLots of ow around because Jack was a one night stand rich dude But seriously once he sees Alexis those women don t matter to him Unfortunately they do matter to Alexis but watching her work through her insecurities and learning to trust is a big part of falling in love with this heroine I just loved this couple so much that I would hate for you not to read it due to ow drama However I totally get it if this is an issue for you and I respect it So yeah lots of other women hide spoiler