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free download The Orchid Girls Lesley Sanderson ´ 3 review review å eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Lesley Sanderson 'Now we are bound forever' she says her eyes determined 'I will never tell anyone I swear This is between you and me Now you swear too' They called them the Orchid Girls Grace Charlotte. I received a free e copy of The Orchard Girls by Lesley Sanderson from NetGalley for my honest reviewThe Orchard Girls is a psychological thriller that had me hooked immediately This is a story of three girls Charlotte Molly and Grace who were all friends until one day when Charlotte is found dead Molly and Grace were the last to see Charlotte alive but there wasn t any evidence ever found to connect them to the murder This split Molly and Grace s friendship apartYears later Molly is struggling with being an alcoholic and a very bad relationship Grace is an internet celebrity clean eating ueen with a husband named Richard who is a politician who expects her to be perfect The girls are forced to re connect after all these years when they hear of another girl who has disappeared in Richard s home village and the incident is almost exactly like the incident with Charlotte So many lies and so much deceit but who is the killer

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free download The Orchid Girls Lesley Sanderson ´ 3 review review å eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Lesley Sanderson Eathless gripping and twisty story of love obsession and dark secrets Fans of KL Slater The Wife Between Us and Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train – read this one with the lights. I so enjoyed this book It had me intrigued right from the start and I ended up reading it in one day as I had to know how everything was going to endThe story flicks between the two main characters Molly and Grace We are also taken from past to present so we can understand about things that surrounded the death of their friend Charlotte Both women couldn t be different Where as Grace is really living the high life doing well in her work and personal life Molly is pretty much at rock bottom Whatever happened in the past Molly is certainly struggling to deal with and now that she has found Grace again all her emotions have come back to the forefront and she is desperate to rekindle the relationship they had back when they were kids I actually uite liked both women They both have this vulnerability about them that made me want things to work out okay for them both I knew though I had to know just what had happened years before and what secrets were waiting to be divulgedThere are certainly a few red herrings that threw me and I really thought I knew where the story was going only to be completely wrong For me this is what a psychological thriller is all about A wonderfully dark read that messes with your headThe Orchid Girls is an enthralling read that hooked me in and didn t let go I loved the build up of suspense throughout the novel and it s one that readers will definitely struggle to put down Fabulous read loved itMy thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for an advanced readers copy of this book All opinions are my own and not biased in anyway

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free download The Orchid Girls Lesley Sanderson ´ 3 review review å eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Lesley Sanderson Molly One of them is in love One of them is a liar One of them is dead One day three became two – and no one knows the truth What really happened that summer The Orchid Girls is a br. The Orchid Girls by Lesley Sanderson tackles some tough subjects even in 2018 The main characters all have their flaws and are not especially likeable at times but it all makes for a great read It was a bit slow to begin with the story from the past being drawn out very slowly The pace does pick up and by the end I didn t want to put it downChildhood friends Molly Grace and Charlotte were known as the Orchid Girls One summer Charlotte dies on a Dorest cliff edge Molly and Grace are haunted by this the rest of their lives 15 years later Molly is an alcoholic and Grace is married to a famous politician and is about to release her first book The 2 get back in touch and secrets are dying to be told A photo threatens to destroy them what will they doThanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for my advanced copy of this book to read and enjoy All opinions are my own and are in no way biased

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