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review Nice Dragons Finish Last Heartstrikers #1 Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB download ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Rachel Aaron Rachel Aaron ✓ 3 characters As the smallest dragon in the Heartstriker clan Julius survives by a simple code keep uiet don’t cause trouble and stay out of the way of bigger dragons But this meek behavior doesn't fly in a family of ambitious magical predators and his mother. 10302017 AUDIBLE DAILY DEAL 495 IS A STEAL Y ALLI ve talked about my rocky relationship with Urban Fantasy in the past It s often formulaic it usually doesn t satisfy my craving for a Fantasy adventure because of its tendency to focus on sexual encounters However I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Nice Dragons Finish Last The Heartstrikers are a large clan of dragons known for their ferocity power Headed up by their matriarch Bethesda they exude the type of unyielding superiority to be expected from any respectable family of dragons And then there s Julius Born without the personality or temperament of a good dragon Julius is undoubtedly the black sheep of the Heartstriker clan As punishment for his lack of initiative his mother seals him into his human form drops him in the middle of the Detroit Free Zone where dragons are destroyed on sight if discoveredThis story in a word FUN The book sets up a situation that manages to be both serious playful at the same time It reminded me a lot of the experience I had reading The Rook The magic lore are relevant to the outcome of the story but do not overwhelm the charm of the characters Speaking of my favorite aspect of the novel is by far the characters Julius interactions with every member of his family are hilarious authentic in the way they are written I was delighted every time someone new came into the story totally engaged with how they involved themselves in the plotJulius in particular really appealed to me as a character He s a lover of video games fantasy movies with a heartfelt sense of justice he is exactly the type of person I could see myself hanging out with in real life The story is sprinkled through with so many references my heart was singing I could really feel Rachel Aaron s love for nerd cultureMy only issues with this installment were1 Some phrases were repeated often than necessary it interrupted the flow of my reading2 I did not love the romantic development but it is in no way overwhelming Most people would probably agree that it s not relevant enough to mention but after being exposed to so many shitty insta love triangles but daddy I love him plot devices I m a little no nonsense when it comes to romance in my novelsAs the book came to a close it laid out some hints about the forthcoming plot that really piued my interest I can t wait to start the next one

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review Nice Dragons Finish Last Heartstrikers #1 Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB download ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Rachel Aaron Rachel Aaron ✓ 3 characters Bethesda the Heartstriker has finally reached the end of her patience Now sealed in human form and banished to the DFZ a vertical metropolis built on the ruins of Old Detroit Julius has one month to prove that he can be a ruthless dragon or kiss. 45 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum found this book surprisingly enjoyableor perhaps that ought not to be so surprising After all I loved The Spirit Thief and the rollicking sci fi Paradox trilogy that the author wrote under her pen name Rachel Bach Still combining dragons magic dystopia humor and urban fantasy Seemed just a tad ambitious But boy does Aaron pull it off with flying colors I think Nice Dragons Finish Last may be my favorite book from her yet I also had the pleasure of listening to the audio version of this book and it was fantasticMeet Julius the smallest dragon in the Heartstriker clan He isn t a pushover so much as he s just downright terrible at being a dragon He s nice considerate has no designs on taking over the world all of which makes him an absolute failure in his mother s eyes After twenty four years of watching Julius hide out in his room in the mountain Bethesda the Heartstriker has finally had it Sealing him in his human form the dragon matriarch banishes her son to the Detroit Free ZoneBuilt on the ruins of old Detroit the DFZ is set apart from the rest of the country having been annexed by the spirit Algonuin Lady of the Great Lakes It is home to modern mages lesser spirits and all manner of magical creatures Unfortunately it s also got a strict no dragons policy Trapped in hostile territory with only the clothes on his back Julius is going to have to prove himself to his mother if he wants any chance of getting his true form back His only source of help comes in the form of Marci an exiled human mage who is dealing with her own hefty set of problemsFirst of all I called this one an urban fantasy but it s actually a lot complicated than that Rachel Aaron puts a fun fresh twist on the genre infusing her setting with science fiction post apocalyptic and dystopic elements as well as a touch of mythology It s a fascinating mix Magic exists in the world now thanks to a meteor striking the earth in 2035 Algonuin awakens from the resulting shockwave causing great tidal waves to rise which was how Detroit was flooded and destroyed The DFZ rises from its ruins thriving unchecked on an economy system based on free enterprise and bounty huntingI also love rooting for the underdog and Julius is an underdog all right being the runt of Bethesda s latest clutch While his siblings are out doing great things Julius prefers to avoid the rest of his family by shutting himself in his room playing computer games and earning an impressive collection of online degrees It s hard not to feel for him if Julian were human he d actually be uite a catch Good looking sweet kind educated and being just this side of geeky enough for me Bah too bad he had to be born to a clan of merciless cutthroat dragons who can t appreciate his finer pointsNo worries though because I m on Team Julius all the way Also in his corner you ll find Marci the runaway thaumaturgic mage as well as surprise surprise Julius s brother Justin Marci s a great character she s got an awkward personality but also a shrewd mind which creates an interesting dynamic with our protagonist I loved Justin too He s Julius s complete opposite but it s hard not to be touched by his brotherly love and concern I even got a kick out of Julian s less benevolent family members like Chelsie the Heartstriker assassin and Bob the mercurial Seer Did I also mention Bethesda names her children by assigning each clutch by letter in order of the alphabet so that all the dragonlings in her first clutch would have names starting with A those in the second clutch would have names starting with B and so on The Heartstriker clan is full of uirks and I loved them allRachel Aaron has an incredible imagination and I think this book than any of her others let her go wild with it The audio version really did an amazing job bringing this book and all of her ideas to life the narrator Vikas Adam making this one a really fun listen I haven t listened to any of his other performances but this was a great first experience Adam can do a wonderful range of voices even though I have to say a couple of them didn t uite fit like Bob whom he made sound like a stoned surfer dude and at times his female voices can be hilariously awkward You can tell he had a good time reading the book too though because his narration is animated and he does wonderful effects like hissing for when Bethesda is annoyed or groaning when Justin is exasperated with Julius Little touches like that can make the listening experience memorableAll in all I m really impressed with how well this book came together Maybe it s because urban fantasy is to my tastes but I think I liked this one even than Aaron s Paradox trilogy and I did love those Devi Morris books Julius is just such a lovable character though and the story is so fun and easy to get into it s hard to stop once you start Highly recommended if you re looking for an entertaining feel good book

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review Nice Dragons Finish Last Heartstrikers #1 Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB download ☆ eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Rachel Aaron Rachel Aaron ✓ 3 characters His true shape goodbye forever But in a city of modern mages and vengeful spirits where dragons are considered monsters to be exterminated he’s going to need some serious help to survive this test He only hopes humans are trustworthy than dragon. 5 dragonsstarsOh My Goodness Gracious MeTHIS BOOK I loved it I bought the audio version based on a recommendation well a number of recommendations really and the fact it had been sat on my TBR list for a while I LOVE all things dragon I love fantasy I love magic I love world building I love character driven stories On occasion and when done well I love humourNice Dragons Finish Last delivered everything and and the audiobook narration by Vikas Adam made the experience all the enjoyableI m struggling on where to start with this There s so much to go over It s an urban fantasy without the urban fantasy tropes But despite the lack of expected stuff which can make a lot of urban fantasy boring this book is the start of what s sure to be a fantastic series I m so pleased all the books are out so I can devour them one after another I m already nearly halfway through book two and am loving that than this oneThe story kicks off with a mysterious prologue where we re introduced to the concept of magic and mages which is all very enjoyable and thought provoking Then we get straight into it with Julius the youngest smallest and weakest of all his siblings in the Heartstriker dragon clan waking up on the sofa in an immaculate apartment Jessica his sister has let him stay with her for the night after he was kicked out of home by their mother BethesdaA phone call from Bethesda lays everything out for him She s bored of him hiding in his room a survival tactic Julius used to avoid his older aggressive siblings and has given him an ultimatum he has less than a month to do something draconic you know take over something command and conuer or she ll eat himAs punishment for being a whelp Julius has been sealed in his alternate human form by his mother While it has cut down on his appetite it means he can t transform into his true form a feathered dragon Bethesda is the daughter of the the ancient uetzalcoatlTo make matters even worse Julius has been sent to the Detroit Free Zone The DFZ is about the only place in the world where dragons are illegal and killed on site What a set up indeedWe re introduced to a number of characters all of whom I loved and some I loathed as well including the absolutely wonderful Marci She s not just some side character or love interest although there might be a few sparks building she s fully fleshed out with power and troubles of her own She and Julius make uite the pair when they end up togetherThere are also a number of Julius s siblings Bethesda is unlike most other dragons in that she s had a number of clutches over her life Ten to be exact Each clutch is named for a different letter of the alphabet with A clutch being the oldest down to J clutch where Julius comes in We meet a few of his siblings alongside Jessica Justin Ian Chelsie and Bob I can t get over how awesome Bob is They all are in their own way But Bob is extra special awesomeThere are other dragon clans including the amazing Svena Katya and Estella There are Seers too throwing a spanner in the worksThe lore and world building is as strong as the characters and their development You have spirits and shaman thugs from Las Vegas and uniue rare magical items It s an unrelenting story in terms of pace action reveals twists and turns I could not predict what would happen and thought about this story as soon as I stopped readinglisteningIf you want a fun playful yet deathly dark and serious in numerous places highly entertaining I laughed out loud in my car so many times story this is one to go for The cover art too is DAZZLING and if you enjoy audiobooks I cannot rate it highly enoughThe most fun reading I ve had in a very long timeTo read the rest of my review including things I loved and didn t love head over to my website

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