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Naja Author Jean-David Morvan

Read ñ Naja Author Jean-David Morvan å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Naja is the perfect killer because she feels nothing Literally Her body registers no pain nor does her heart coldly executing jobs given to her by her mysterious boss known only as Ze. I made it to page 86 I was surprised when I saw that number I thought I must have been at least on page 386 That s how draaaaaged ouuuuuuuut this felt I don t feel like wasting my time writing a detailed review of how utterly bad and unoriginal this was but just think Jason Bourne meets La Femme Nikita meets a hefty does of French academic prolixity Naja herself is a non entity her mission to rescue her friend is pointless and I don t even know what happens after that because I uit I mean she was prancing around a Central American prison in somethi

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Read ñ Naja Author Jean-David Morvan å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Nal creative powerhouse JD Morvan Sillage Zaya and illustrated by French sensation Bengal Meka Luminae this volume collects the entire five book Naja series into a single lavish album. A graphic novel for a change It s not the most original throughout but it has a very interesting graphic style and is written well It s short and reaches a conclusion which is important to me in a graphic novel I liked the censoring of names it adds to the feeling of the story The last part was a bit jumbled up but overall it was a nice read

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Read ñ Naja Author Jean-David Morvan å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ro When another killer in Zero's organization targets Naja for elimination she has no choice but to fall off the grid and seek answers as bloody as they might be Written by internatio. WritingOh dear This was sadly not the best comic I ve ever read It was all over the place and not in a good way I did care about the characters and I liked Naja a lot but I absolutely could not get past some of the very weird plot twists and turns The idea was original but the writing itself left a lot to be desiredIt was hard to follow and honestly a bit porn y in parts yes that s a technical term I m not automatically turned off by sex and nudity in comics but in this one it had that salacious only there for titillation feeling I feel like in a co

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