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La Liste de mes envies review  103 The number one best selling international phenomenon that asks If you won the lottery would you trade your life for the life of your dreamsJocelyne lives in a small town in France where she runs a fabric shop has been married to the same. I read the English translation of this book I was extremely intrigued by the description to this book a woman who wins a large sum of money on the lottery which of course we all dream about Having topped the French best seller lists for weeks I was excited to find out whyI was expecting a light hearted story of a woman who s wishes had all come true but the reality was a touching account of a woman who I really grew to like Although Jocelyne s life has been touched by tragedy on than one occasion she still manages to appreciate the good things in her life and her fear of change and losing the man that she loves is heart warmingAlthough this is just a short story I felt like I really got to know the main characters and this book had me shouting out loud at one pointIn summary a thought provoking book with delightful characters and a wonderful plot I would have liked a longer story and maybe a different ending but that is just me

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La Liste de mes envies review  103 But she chooses not to tell anyone not even her husband not just yet Without cashing the check she begins to make a list of all the things she could do with the money But does Jocelyne really want her life to change3 hours and 36 minute. I m still completely besotted with the language and that s clouding my judgmentBut that too shall pass and in the meantime I ll simply keep enjoying every book I read in French just a little than I would otherwiseThis is the kind of book I don t readI mean seriously a middle aged woman wins the lottery Uh okay but where s the gay sexBut a friend force lent it to me and as much as it weirds me out to admit it I genuinely enjoyed it Not in an oh my this is such exciting adventurous fun way of course but it is the perfect poolside book Naturally I had to read an entire YA fantasy novel the day after I was done with this but it s poignant wow I never thought I d use this word seriously It s honest bittersweet and surprisingly enough I liked the way most of the secondary characters were just a little bit hazy just a little bit hyperbolic emphasising the fact that they re seen through the lens of someone else s mind and we never really see others fully and objectivelyGood call Ramona Keep em coming Reread this for school and then wrote an 800 word essay on it In French Good times

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La Liste de mes envies review  103 Man for 21 years and has raised two children She is beginning to wonder what happened to all those dreams she had when she was 17 Could her life have been differentThen she wins the lottery and suddenly finds the world at her fingertips. I chose this book for our final book club meet in 2013 for two reasons it was slim read and everyone is busy leading up to Christmas and I wanted a book that would open up a messy debate over dinner and drinks I wanted to know what my friends would do if they ever won an obscene amount of money in the lottery just like the book s protagonist Jocelyne It was a wonderful night of sharing laughter secrets and revelations There might have been a few wines involvedOne of our beautiful book clubbers Rachel Beadle then penned this poem for us while flying to the Dolomites to ski and escape the infernal heat of north west Australia at Christmas Yes we were jealous too It is an ode to book club and a summary of the books we tackled and the way they made her feel all inspired by our List of Desires evening She has gracefully allowed me to share her words I love book clubsPraise to book club every monthAnd how it warms my soul The fresh baked smell of pages newOf stories to unfoldWords that wrap me up And whisk me off to far off worldsA remedy sweet comfortAs fantasy unfurlsA casual vacancy stole my yearTo help Broome gymnasts flyThe Ask for funding sportBecame my uest and my loud cryWe all need a little projectRosie or otherwiseTo nurture mind soul esteemTo make us the wiseAnd we re all chasing a little goldA place where the water is wideTrying to carve a different waveA exciting rideLike Mrs ueen I sometimes feltLike jumping on a trainOr disappearing out a windowJust to change the picture frameThoughts stretched to HenriettaAnd her strange immortal lifeAnd a Gilgamesh type journeySeeking eternal afterlifeNow I reflect on all that I amAnd realise life is so goodI m already blessed with 6 years Than one of my sisterhoodSo thank God for the light between oceansFor our monthly book club nightsFor wine friendships healthy debatesAnd a space to find respiteEleven girls we gathered roundA table at 18 degreesRevealed our dreams beliefs our fearsWith a rawness and such easeI was moved to glimpse the inner soulOf each and every friendFighting her own battleBut strong round every bendTo win the lotto and cash the cheueOr hide it in a shoeWho can say what s right or wrongNo one on earth but youThe list of my desires is longBut if it were just threeI d wish for nothing in lifeThan truth love integrity

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