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Mucho Mojo characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E a nice gift of it to his nephew Leonard though the clean up is intensive the floor is Rotten and the neighbors are something from. While the first great book in this series Savage Season focuses a lot on Hap Collins s backstory this second installment focuses a bit on Leonard s past and the town that he grew up in Hap owes Leonard after getting him involved in the violent events of the first book so he agrees to accompany his buddy to the funeral of Leonard s estranged Uncle Chester After the funeral the boys are cleaning up Chester s old run down house and discover a skeleton and a stash of kiddie porn stuffed into a box under the floorboards Leonard wants to learn the truth so the two decide to try detective work on for size and get to the bottom of it allOnce again the two good ol boys are a joy to read I would read anything with these characters At this point if one of the subseuent books in the series turns out to be a 700 page tome about Hap and Leonard sitting in a boat the whole time trying to catch a catfish I d still read it in a heartbeat Lansdale is a stunning writer He has a real knack for finding the perfect combination of tone in his work at least in the three books I ve read so far He s able to balance tender moments of real connection between friends with intriguing mystery and with the perfect blend of humor The books are downright funny sometimes without feeling forced The humor seems to come naturally and the book never feels like it s trying to hard to be in the uirky humor crime genre I think that s what I love about the characters Hap and Leonard the balance and the ease of their characterization They re funny while not trying to be and they re tough dudes while not having to be hard boiled I mean Hap actually seeks out non alcoholic beerAnyway this is another great Southern thriller by Joe R Lansdale who really is an awesome storyteller I m glad I still have a plethora of books written by him to choose from

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Mucho Mojo characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A nightmare It is one thing to renovate a house to sell it It is another to cut down the walls and risk discovering hidden skeleto. This series is laugh out loud funny and Hap and Leonard are a brilliant pair of characters I haven t seen the tv show but don t feel the need to either

free download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Joe R. Lansdale

Mucho Mojo characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Inheriting one hundred thousand dollars and a small hiccup of a house in a dilapidated district is not so bad and Uncle Chester mad. Sometimes it happens with me I m reading a book often two even enjoying both and I come across a book I d read long ago and zap I m in reread mode Hence my reintroduction to Mucho Mojo Not that the rereading wasn t in order It s next in line to be adapted for the TV series on the Sundance Channel and it had always been my favorite Hap and Leonard anyway Reason enough So this reading just happened ahead of schedule But even though it was second entry in the series Mucho Mojo was my first exposure to both the East Texas duo and their creator and the first of anything particularly a positive experience often magnifies in your memory I started this book wondering if it was as good as I remembered Turns out it was betterThe first in the series Savage Season was intended to be a one off so there were other characters to service Subseuent novels are a search for new facets within your now familiar heroes But a true seuel four years later yet allowed Lansdale the leisure to dive deeper in every conceivable way It s all there story character atmosphere philosophy romance friendship prejudice action and much The setup is perfect It allows us to step right into their lives Leonard inherits a house from a recently deceased uncle and with Hap at his side they discover a child s skeleton Hap white straight Liberal wants to call the police immediately Leonard black homosexual Republican knows what will follow a sensational crime in the poor black section of town blame Uncle Chester and close the case But Hap has concerns that Uncle Chester might just be guilty and Leonard knows for a certainty that such a thought is impossible The best friends confront conflicting impulses without clich and still have each other s back while working their way through what turns out to be a far reaching and appalling series of crimesThis novel is dense in a good way Dense usually means having to wade through unending tangents or excessive wordage to hopefully discover the good stuff In Mucho Mojo density represents substance From beginning to end you are in East Texas with the boys and will regret having to leave when the novel ends

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